The Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery in Muscle Building

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The 90s was a really agitated period for bodybuilding.  Companies were offering supplements and fat burners to those who wanted to work their bodies and build muscle mass.  All these supplements were supposed to help people interested in obtaining a huge chest or a chiseled six-pack.  After a while, people discovered another efficient method to build muscle: plastic surgery.  Glute, calf and pec implants seemed like practical alternatives.  Some bodybuilders are willing to take things to the extreme and tune their abs; this procedure is one of the most complicated of them all; it’s called abs etching.

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Numerous individuals wonder how bodybuilders can preserve proportion and defeat genetics at the same time.  Genetics play a very important role in bodybuilding.  Aspects like symmetry, muscle mass, the capacity of the muscles to develop, and proportion, are highly related to genetics.  It appears that weightlifting is one of the best ways to prevent fat from depositing on the body, and although aerobic exercises are perfect to eliminate fat, only anaerobic activity can truly help you build muscle.

Cosmetic surgery has gained tremendous popularity among bodybuilders

Cosmetic surgery is a debatable problem among bodybuilders.  There are procedures that are permitted and others that are not.  Liposuction is one of the most common types of surgery among fitness professionals as well.  Bodybuilders who are managing to lose an impressive amount of fat before an important competition usually opt for such interventions.

Enlarged breasts, also known as gynecomastia, can represent a serious issue for numerous male bodybuilders.  Approximately 60% of men deal with this problem, and the bad news is that men with lean bodies can also experience it.  The excess tissue that pops up consists of breast tissue.  Usually, this condition happens when testosterone is transformed into estrogen.  Most male bodybuilders who suffer from gynecomastia opt for surgery to reduce their breasts, however, this intervention can relapse if the bodybuilder starts taking steroids.

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Male bodybuilders deal with excessive breast tissue, but what happens to women?  Unfortunately, female bodybuilders experience exactly the opposite.  A certain part of the female breast is fat, so when the woman performs intense exercise to burn that fat and reveal the muscle underneath, she may experience breast reduction.  Numerous female bodybuilders choose to undergo an augmentation surgery to bring back their breasts.

Is cosmetic surgery necessary for bodybuilders?

Some people see plastic surgery as a method to improve parts of their bodies.  As far as bodybuilders are concerned, plastic surgery comes down to breast and calf implants.  These interventions are available for both men and women.  Bodybuilders are willing to go under the knife because they want to perfect parts of their bodies that can’t look as they should as much as they try.

Individuals might wonder whether these plastic surgeries are fair or not, and we believe that the problem has to be judged from various angles.  Bodybuilding competitions are the only reason why there are so many concerns regarding plastic surgery.  In fact, everyone agrees that normal individuals have the right to opt for this type of surgery to improve the appearance of their body. When it comes to bodybuilding competitors, those who win enjoy praise and financial rewards, and that’s why these procedures to get that physique have to be ethical.

Some might say that plastic surgery is a dishonest way to achieve that spectacular physical appearance that should come from hard work.  Besides, cosmetic procedures are very expensive, so is it fair for the bodybuilder with the most money to win?  In this situation, plastic surgery can be seen as an unethical practice since not all competitors are rich.

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Last but not least, people should also take a look at the real definition of bodybuilding before deciding if cosmetic surgery is an honest alternative.  If bodybuilding involves only the genetic abilities of your muscle to grow, it means that plastic surgery isn’t ethical, mainly due to the term “genetic”.  When you undergo a cosmetic procedure, you build your body from fake materials.  Regardless of this aspect, increasingly more men and women are willing to go through plastic surgery to show their phony muscles, and we’re not necessarily including bodybuilders in this category.

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