The Basics of Bodybuilding!

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 photo BARBELL_zpse5d04b25.jpgBodybuilding is all about increasing your muscle mass through strength training.  Generally, this involves fixed weights, free weights, or hydraulic resistance machines; it all depends on personal preference.  Whichever style of training you choose the end results will be the same: increased muscle mass and tone.

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If you are thinking about getting into bodybuilding, here are a few of the basics rules:

Strength Training

When you start training, it is recommended that you seek the advice of either a trainer or a friend who can walk you through the basic exercises.  Most people will start on some of the more basic exercises and then work up to the more complex routines.  One of the golden rules, however, is to base all of your exercises around some of the big compound movements like squats.  These larger compound movements are what really stimulates the nervous system and are the basic foundation of muscle growth.


Nutrition is a very important part of bodybuilding.  To create muscle you need a combination of protein, carbohydrate and fat.  The most common ratio used these days is 40% protein, 40% carboydrate and 20% fat.  This combination gives the bodybuilder plenty of protein for muscle growth as well as a good amount of carbs for the energy required for a full strength-training regime.  Most people tend to find their own way as they progress, as everyone’s metabolism is different and may require slight adjustments in their dietary combinations.

Rest Periods

Rest periods are essential in any kind of strength training programs.  Resting the body after working out actually promotes muscle growth, so don’t be tempted to over do it in the gym; you could end up burning up muscle and strain yourself through over lifting.


Your lifting technique is essential to promote correct muscle growth as well as to avoid injury.  This is especially true for free weights, whereby most bodybuilding injuries occur.  The best way to avoid injury is to start your program under the supervision of an experienced bodybuilder, then progress at your own pace when you are familiar with the weights and the techniques.

Winding Down

Winding down after an intense strength training session is very important and this requires time.  A lot of bodybuilders favour a recumbent exercise bike as cycling is perfect for a slow warm down.  To get the most out of your exercise regime you need to understand the importance of these light exercises.  Again, when you sign up to a gym, an instructor should give you a full briefing on the benefits and advantages of these light cycling exercises.

Regular Eating Habits

To promote extra muscle growth you will need to eat at least five times a day.  The body needs nutrients as well as amino acids, so staying topped up is essential.  Also, if you feel hungry your body will start to burn up that precious muscle tissue very quickly.

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