The Back and It’s Importance!

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For those of us who have gone to the gym and focused on working our guns to make them as big as possible, we might have made the mistake of not focusing on the rest of our body.  Every single part of your body is vital and if you want to build muscle effectively you need to focus on each and every part.  There is no point in curling heavier dumbells each training session if they make minimal impact.  One of the most important areas of all is the back, not just to strengthen other parts of the body, but also for your safety.  If you fail to strengthen your back then you can create issues which are long term, something that you could see you never return to the gym.

Repairing any Damage

If you have found that you can’t lift anymore weight, or that your crunches have stopped being as effective, this is probably down to the fact that your back is weaker than it should be.  You have to remember that you wouldn’t only strengthen one side of your chest, or

one leg, so why would you strengthen your core but not your back?  If you are already starting to notice back pain, then it is probably a good idea that you stop your workouts and focus on repairing your back.  A crooked back is not going to be a good look in 20 years time.  So stop your weight lifting sessions for a while, and instead try something like yoga.  The exercises that this will put you through will alleviate your back pain, if you catch it early, and will strengthen your back.  Once you notice your posture improving, and your back pain disappearing then you can start bringing back your normal regime.  Preventing permanent damage is vitally important, so if you see any of those early signs of problems you must do all you can to strengthen your back.

The Deadlift

If you are happy with the condition of your back, then you can go ahead with strengthening it through other ways.  Before you do any weightlifiting, remember to stretch.  Stretching your back is as easy as putting your feet together and bending over the touch your toes – without bending your knees!  Once you have managed to touch your toes (not all of us can, and you can be excused if you’re a giant) then a great way of back strengthening is the dead lift.  If you perform this lift properly then you can rest assured that you will notice the effects both in your back and the rest of your body.  As soon as I started deadlifting I realised that I could bench a lot heavier weight within weeks.  Obviously, getting the form right is extremely important so start with a light weight.  Getting your form wrong is not such an issue with your arms, although you probably would never see results, but getting your form right is vital for your back.  Try and deadlift a heavy weight with poor form and you will damage yourself.  Always keep your back flat throughout the movement, NEVER round your back.  Doing this will strengthen your back, and give you the best chance to improve your all round muscle building.

Making sure that your back is strong is vitally important for anyone who is serious about looking after their body, and building their muscles.  If you do not focus on this important aspect then you need to be aware that you are probably going to damage your back permanently.  Any fitness trainer or bodybuilder will explain to you how important the back is, so don’t ignore their advice.  The back is your most important tool, and there is no doubt that if you move your focus onto the back that you will see improvements in the rest of your regime.  So make sure you don’t get left behind, and ensure the safety of your back for the future.  Even if you have to do a bit of yoga, and who’s to say you wont enjoy it!

Author Bio:  This article is written by James who loves finding out new workout tips and helping people reach the next level in their program.

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