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Weight Training to Build Muscle & Boost Confidence!

April 17, 2013


Why do you lift weights? For health reasons and to reduce your risk of heart disease? Probably not. To build muscle and get lean? That’s closer… but it’s not the reason. For most guys, if we’re honest, building an athletic … Read More

Weight Training Burns Fat: So Why Do Women Make Excuses Not To Weight Train?

March 18, 2013


Weight training is a very effective way to tone the body, reduce excess body fat and strengthen the body against illness and disease.  However, some women believe that weight training will make them look bulky. Only Cardio Burns Fat, Right?… Read More

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain!

February 4, 2013


By Wayne Atwell. When a person decides that it is time to get into shape, usually they want to build muscle and lose fat.  These two goals are often difficult to accomplish at the same time.  In order to … Read More

An Overview on Workouts and Intensity!

February 3, 2013


Any exercise program requires a substantial long-term commitment.  No one can get the results they want right away, whether their fitness goal is to improve their health or physical appearance. Jumping into a strenuous workout from a relatively relaxed pace … Read More

How Bodybuilders Get Their Bodies!

January 9, 2013


If you’re like most people, you’re probably amazed at the physique of a bodybuilder.  Odds are, if you work out you still don’t look anything like the bodybuilders that you see on TV and in magazines.  This is because bodybuilders … Read More

Top tricks for gaining muscle without fat!

January 7, 2013


Gaining muscle without getting fat is the dream for many persons.  Many people want to transform their bodies by building muscle without gaining fat but many are not successful.  To build muscle and lower body fat you need to incorporate … Read More

How To Avoid Fitness Related Injuries in The New Year!

January 2, 2013


Whether you are training at the gym, running in the park, or following a workout DVD at home, injuries can happen.  There are some that are more common than others, usually due to people not warming up correctly or attempting … Read More

6 Simple Fitness Guidelines to Toning Up After Overstuffing Yourself Over Christmas!

December 26, 2012


Creating and sticking to a fitness routine can be difficult and many people get discouraged at the slow progress.  There are a few things you can do to get your body to the state you want without working yourself to … Read More

Get the Muscles That You Want!

December 20, 2012


Do you want big muscles? Well, getting the muscles you want won’t happen overnight. It takes dedication, focus and time but if you follow these steps you will be on the road to achieving them. Get stronger The stronger you … Read More

How to Increase Muscle Mass with Strength Training Exercises!

December 16, 2012


You can start strength training exercises once you have been given the go ahead from your doctor.  Strength training exercises are done to keep body weight under control or build muscle.  People can start this exercise program at any … Read More