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An Introduction to Sports Massage And What It Involves!

June 1, 2013


Massage is a healing technique that has been practiced for centuries all around the world.  One of the most notable benefits of massage is that it is beneficial to everyone: children, adults to athletes.  As a matter of fact, many … Read More

Repair Damaged Muscle through Physiotherapy!

April 28, 2013


Injuries can occur at any time during sporting activities like weightlifting.  In most cases, muscle injuries result from uneven or excessive straining of the body’s muscles.  One of the sure ways of avoiding these injuries is by carefully adhering … Read More

Time Your Protein Shake for the Best Upshot!

March 2, 2013


‘There is a time and place for everything,’ says the good old dictum.  It means that certain actions are appropriate only for certain occasions.  The saying in it’s entirety may not be applicable to taking your daily glass of protein Read More