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5 Reasons Why Physiotherapy is Critical for Bodybuilders

October 22, 2019


Bodybuilders are the people who probably best know the inside of the gym, what they should and shouldn’t do there, and also what they are supposed to do after and before every training session. One of these things is physiotherapy, … Read More

Repair Damaged Muscle through Physiotherapy!

April 28, 2013


Injuries can occur at any time during sporting activities like weightlifting.  In most cases, muscle injuries result from uneven or excessive straining of the body’s muscles.  One of the sure ways of avoiding these injuries is by carefully adhering … Read More

The Benefits of Physiotherapy!

March 23, 2013


Whatever primitive forms of physiotherapy existed before and around the 19th century we have progressed a lot since then.  Back then physiotherapy was not really considered a part of what we call medical science but today the situation is … Read More

Physiotherapy to Reduce Stress and Injury of Athletes!

March 16, 2013


Fitness is the most important concern for sports persons and athletes.  They follow rigorous fitness regimens so that they can give of their best performance.  Overdoing training will not increase fitness levels or improve performance; rather it can have an … Read More