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Why You Need To Power Clean!

April 21, 2013


The Power clean is a great exercise and should rank right up there with the squat and deadlift as a must in everyone’s training routine.  Yet, you hardly ever see anyone doing them anymore.  They used to be a … Read More

Benefits of Weightlifting for Seniors!

March 31, 2013


Many people see weightlifting as something simply for younger individuals, particularly men.  They see it as something that athletes do to become stronger and to increase endurance.  What many do not know is that weightlifting and other forms of strength Read More

Strength Training Through Capoeira!

March 4, 2013


For anyone who has had the pleasure of learning about the way capoeira works, it would be clear as day that upper body strength plays a great role.  Although the martial art itself has a powerful life message at the … Read More