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How to Maximize Muscle Hypertrophy

August 14, 2017


Contrary to popular belief, muscle mass is not attained at the gym, rather the gym serves as a powerful stimulus for muscle growth after your workout. Bodybuilding is an intricate sport whereby nutrition and training works harmoniously in facilitating the … Read More

Will Protein Shakes Actually Help Your Bodybuilding Regimen?

September 20, 2013


Building muscle can often feel like a long, uphill battle.  While some lucky souls seem to be able to do a few pull ups and emerge looking like Arnie, for most people, growing muscle can take a long time.  If … Read More

8 Effective Bodybuilding Tips for More Strength and Muscle!

September 6, 2013


Bodybuilding has many advantages – it gives you more strength and endurance.  This activity also gives you a better looking and  more attractive physique.  Additionally, doing it for a prolonged time will help you stay motivated.  This activity also helps … Read More

How TestoFuel Can Help You Build More Muscle!

May 14, 2013


TestoFuel is one of the latest natural testosterone boosters to hit the market.  It was launched in 2012 and has quickly become one of the most popular muscle building supplements available. Older testosterone boosters mostly contained ‘magic’ herbs like Tribulis … Read More

Weight Training Burns Fat: So Why Do Women Make Excuses Not To Weight Train?

March 18, 2013


Weight training is a very effective way to tone the body, reduce excess body fat and strengthen the body against illness and disease.  However, some women believe that weight training will make them look bulky. Only Cardio Burns Fat, Right?… Read More

Get the Muscles That You Want!

December 20, 2012


Do you want big muscles? Well, getting the muscles you want won’t happen overnight. It takes dedication, focus and time but if you follow these steps you will be on the road to achieving them. Get stronger The stronger you … Read More

Alpha GPC Can Naturally Increase Growth Hormone Levels!

December 18, 2012


If you haven’t heard of a supplement called Alpha GPC I suggest you pay attention.  Alpha GPC is an over-the-counter-supplement with nootropic and anabolic benefits. Basically, it can increase your focus and muscle at the same time. Alpha GPC is … Read More

Exclusive Interview With Fitness Legend Vince Del Monte!

November 21, 2012


Today, I am pleased to share with you an interview I had with Vince Del Monte, the author of No Nonsense Mucle Building. Vince, formerly “Skinny Vinny”, earned the nickname due to his scrawny physique; he had been … Read More

How Stretching Can Help You To Build More Muscle!

November 18, 2012


Stretching should form an integral part of any workout routine intending to build muscle.  If you do not stretch you are missing out on a vital aspect to muscle growth, not to mention placing yourself at risk of injury.  You … Read More

Are Meal Replacements Necessary?

October 6, 2012


Meal replacements are basically meals in a liquid format.  They are specially designed to contain all the macronutrients of a normal meal in addition to important vitamins and minerals that the body needs.  Meal replacements though unecessary, is a helpful … Read More