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Amazing Fitness Tips From the Experts!

June 9, 2013


Getting and staying in shape is a challenging task.  Fitness does not entail taking drastic action, you only need a bit of time and effort.  The following are a collection of amazing fitness tips from experts. Be bound and determined.… Read More

Stopped getting results? Why?

February 1, 2013


Are you working out, putting in the effort and not eating crap but your weight has stayed the same for sometime, or your body just doesn’t seem to change shape the way you want it to.  You’re just stuck!  Don’t … Read More

Boxing Workout Routine to Build Muscle!

January 28, 2013


Building a defined chest line and large muscles is the dream of every man.  If you want to tone up and build some attractive muscles then you can opt for a boxing workout routine.  A simple and not so hard … Read More

6 Reasons Elliptical Trainers Are Great Tools For Exercise! (Infographic)

December 29, 2012


Proform gives 6 reasons why Elliptical trainers are great tools for exercise.  Check out this amazing infographic! Read More

The Health Benefits of Morning Exercise!

December 11, 2012


A sedentary lifestyle can really get you out of shape but a slight change in your lifestyle can easily help to correct this.  For instance, getting up early in the morning and exercising can be extremely beneficial.  Although it might … Read More