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Kettlebells Vs. Free Weights – Which Should You Choose?

November 20, 2013


If you’re here then you’ve probably caught wind of the new trend gaining momentum in the fitness world; kettlebells.  Naturally, trendy things gain more and more attention until people begin to wonder why they gained so much popularity and whether … Read More

What is the Best Workout Routine to Build Muscle?

May 12, 2013


I remember being a skinny teenager who desperately wanted to find the best workout routine to build muscle. I searched all the fitness magazines, read all the books and searched the internet for hours every night. I was really desperate … Read More

Weight Training to Build Muscle & Boost Confidence!

April 17, 2013


Why do you lift weights? For health reasons and to reduce your risk of heart disease? Probably not. To build muscle and get lean? That’s closer… but it’s not the reason. For most guys, if we’re honest, building an athletic … Read More

Weight Training Burns Fat: So Why Do Women Make Excuses Not To Weight Train?

March 18, 2013


Weight training is a very effective way to tone the body, reduce excess body fat and strengthen the body against illness and disease.  However, some women believe that weight training will make them look bulky. Only Cardio Burns Fat, Right?… Read More

Strength Training Through Capoeira!

March 4, 2013


For anyone who has had the pleasure of learning about the way capoeira works, it would be clear as day that upper body strength plays a great role.  Although the martial art itself has a powerful life message at the … Read More

Low Impact Exercises to Build Strength after Surgery!

January 10, 2013


After a surgery, patients are asked to keep their movements to a minimum, especially if their bodies have gone through extensive surgical procedures.  However, a lack of movement can still cause their muscles to cramp up painfully.  This is why … Read More

How Exercise Can Develop Memory in Older Adults!

January 5, 2013


As you reach a certain age you tend to find it difficult to remember things which happened in the past.  This is because people tend to lose some of their memory as they grow old.  The bones and muscles in … Read More