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There are millions of sports and nutritional supplements available on the market that tempts you to use them before hitting the gym or after an extensive workout when you are in need of reinvigoration.  Now it is up to you to verify whether the product you are about to use is actually beneficial for you or is going to hurt you in the long run.  Some of the most common ingredients in sports supplements and their benefits and demerits for users will be discussed in detail.


The basic purpose of creatine,  available generally as L-Carnitine, is to perform the role of buffer for muscles to protect them against constant and extensive exercise.  It is available from any sports supplements online store, medical store, or food supplements store.

How Carnitine Works:

The idea behind the use of this substance is very simple, the consumption of carnitine lessens the production of lactic acid.  Lactic acid is secreted in response to exercise and is responsible for muscle cramps.  Lactic acid actually slows down the body’s metabolism lessening the results from weight training.


Chromium is commonly available in the shape of chromium picolinate and it actually stimulates the production of insulin which is necessary for maintaining proper blood sugar levels in the body.  Chromium is also found in high amounts in cheese, whole grain and nuts.

How Chromium Works:

The primary responsibility of chromium is to transport sugar to all the muscles of the body that stores it as a source of energy and a tool to burn fat.


Pyruvate is actually a compound that occurs naturally in the body and is sold in the form of capsules in health stores.  Pyruvate is essential for the conversion of sugar into glycogen that is the primary source of energy to perform aerobic exercises.

What Pyruvate Does:

Pyruvate stimulates the conversion of carbohydrates into glycogen and as a result more energy is available for you to power through tough exercises.

The Importance of Balanced Nutrition:

According to most of the fitness and sports medicine experts, the ability of any sportsman to stay fit and healthy depends on a balanced and adequate nutrition.  Almost all the important nutrients and minerals required for sustained healthy and improved performance are available from the foods one consumes and one should therefore try to meet one’s daily requirement through these foods.  In the modern world however, it is very difficult to follow a balanced diet and therefore supplements can come in handy to overcome the deficiency of nutrients from one’s daily diet.


Supplements are helpful but should be secondary to a well optimized diet.  As matter of fact, proper exercise and diet in combination with selected and reliable sports supplements can prove to be a magic formula for success.

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