Snack on the Go!

Posted on January 23rd, 2010 at 9:37 am by


If you want to gain weight you have to be constantly providing your body with the ready fuel it needs to grow.  Thus the importance of snacks.

We are not talking about fries, candy, sweet cakes and other unhealthy stuff like that!  There are no real nutrients to be obtained from those foods.  You need to be providing your body with foods that are healthy which contains vitamins and nutrients that will facilitate muscle growth.

Nuts are healthy high calory foods to snack on through the entire day whether at school or at work.  They are a great source of nutrients.  Almonds for example are a good source of Vitamin E which helps to slow down the ageing process.  There are so many health benefits to be gained from having nuts.  You can have raw mixed nuts, cashews, hazel nuts, peanuts, pistachios etc.  Eating nuts reduces your risk of heart disease!  So eat up!

There are so many ideas for healthy snacks that you can have.  Why not have a few banans throughout the day?  A medium sized banana contains approximately 105 calories.   You can have one before and after your workout to give you that energy before and replace those calories lost after your workout.

Grapes are a healthy and delicious fruit snack you can have throughout the day as well.  A 215g/7.6 oz contains approximately 148 calories and it is such a succulent treat.  You need to make sure you put something in your system every 2 – 3 hours to make sure that your body is constantly provided with the healthy calories and nutrients it needs to build muscle.

There are so many other nutitious, healthy snack ideas you can have instead of the unhealthy, nutrient lacking snacks sold in stores and fast food restaurants.

Feel free to share any other healthy snack ideas you have by leaving a comment below.  Thanks for reading!

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