Simple Exercises for Successful Fat Burning!

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Fat can be very difficult to burn.  It is very essential that you combine a healthy diet with a strict exercise regime that is simple and easy to follow.  These simple workouts should help in successfully burning that excess fat.  Your workouts need to be realistic to produce positive results.  Some of the best and simple fat burning exercises are a mixture of light and heavy training along with cardio.  The following are some simple exercises for successful fat burning.


Cardio exercises are perfect for reducing fat from our body.  The intensity of cardio and mixing it with other forms of exercise is key to burning fat.  By adding some variety to your workout regime you will be inspired to perform better, enjoy your cardio exercises more and avoid injuries.  Start with low intensity workouts like walking for at least 30 minutes, slow bike riding, and climbing stairs instead of using a lift.  Once you develop your stamina you can go for moderate level cardio; 45 minutes of walking on a cardio machine and riding a bike at a brisk pace.  Twenty minutes is the recommended time for an effective cardio workout.


Walking is a simple and cost effective fat burning exercise.  For people who do not like strenuous workouts, walking can be a perfect solution.  An hour of walking daily will burn at least 250 calories. You can even join your friend for a brisk and enjoyable walk.


Jumping is a very simple cardio workout that can be done at home and is an excellent way to burn fat.  It can be done in between strength training exercises as it helps increase heart rate resulting in more fat burn.

Weight Training

For beginners, weight training three times a week is an ideal way to burn fat.  Once you start losing fat, you can gradually reduce sessions to two times per week which will help maintain a toned physique.  Weightlifting is an ideal way to burn calories effectively.  Weight training helps burn fat and build lean muscle.  Exercises such as the squat and the benchpress if done on a daily basis can burn up to 400 calories each day.  Hiring a personal trainer will help in the initial stages of weight training.

Engage in Sports

Take up a sport that you find interesting, challenging and you would love to play often such as tennis, swimming, or badminton.  These sports require your body to move constantly resulting in fat burn.  You can play these sports with your friend and relatives to make it more exciting.  It is one of the best ways to burn fat while enjoying yourself.

One needs to remember that it is very essential to combine your exercises with proper nutrition to get the best results.

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