Should Pregnant Women Exercise?

Posted on March 14th, 2012 at 4:01 pm by


It is a huge misconception that pregnant women do not need to exercise and should just take it easy.  Pregnancy is not a 9 month sentence of inactivity but research has found that exercising while pregnant will actually help in the eventual delivery of your baby.

It is not advised to dive into a vigorous exercise programme if you have been sedentary for an extended period before you became pregnant and neither are you to increase your level of

activity unless done gradually.  The aim should be to maintain whatever exercise level you are currently at rather than to increase it.  If you have not been very active before you found out you are pregnant you should gradually ease into a comfortable exercise routine as it will be a beneficial activity for you and your baby.

You should ensure that you do not get involved in any activity that would cause trauma or injury to your belly by falling or being hit there.  You should also ensure that you are fully hydrated and if you are out of breath it is a sign that you are exercising too hard.  Remember there are two of you so you cannot be exerting your body too much.

Stay away from exercises that put undue stress on your stomach like crunches and other ab exercises.  You also have to be careful about exercises that require too much mobility especially towards the latter part of your pregnancy since your center of blance will be disturbed.  Towards the latter part of your pregnancy it is advised to conduct exercises that allow you to sit.

Pregnancy is absolutely no excuse not to exercise as exercising will be beneficial to you and your baby.  Make sure you get clearance from your doctor first and never overexert yourself as the main aim should be to simply to maintain your current fitness programme or gradually ease into one if you had not been in the habit.

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