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As many guys my age (late 20s), I am struggling to fully get on the health wagon.  Long gone are the days of constantly drinking beer or being lazy and not suffering any negative effects.  Now that I’m in my late 20s, my body does not bounce back quickly from me treating it poorly anymore.  I notice any slips that I have in my exercise or diet much more than I used, so I am really setting my goals to get fit.

A big part of getting fit for me is bulking up, which is something I find I am really not able to do just by going to the gym.  Sure I lift weights and see a bit of an improvement, but I am worried that I am going to end up losing weight rather than actually gaining the bulk that I want.

Someone recommended to me PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout and I thought I would give it a try.  I hadn’t had much luck using other pre-workout supplements before, so I figured I should go with one that someone I knew had tried and experienced results with.  The other ones that I tried really didn’t seem to do anything and I felt like they were just a waste of money.

I opted for the Blue Raspberry flavor and waited for it to arrive on my doorstep.

My usual gym routine consists of:


● Barbell bench press

● Barbell bench press with an incline

● Chest dips

● Reverse grip triceps

● Lying dumbbell tricep


● Barbell squat

● Leg press

● Lying-down leg curls

● Calf raises


● Military press – standing

● Dumbbell shoulder press

● Rear delt raise

● Barbell shrug

● Dumbbell shrug


● Bent over barbell row

● Cable pulldowns

● Pullups

● Barbell deadlift

● Dumbbell bicep curl

● Standing biceps cable curl

● Seated dumbbell wrist curl

As you can see, I have my routine planned out – this isn’t my first time.  I also have 1 day that I do cardio and then I rest the other two days.  I just am not having luck with bulking up as much as I would like with the above routine, so back to the PreSeries.

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My Personal Experience

My preworkout arrived a few days later and I couldn’t wait to try it out.  I mixed it with a cup of water 30 minutes before my workout (as the directions suggested) and chugged that stuff.

It actually tasted really good!  I was surprised.  I have tried other workout drinks that were awful tasting and honestly made me feel like I was going to throw up but the PreSeries Blue Raspberry was really good.

I waited 30 minutes and headed to the gym.

Wow is really all I can say.  This stuff really works.  It is far better than ANY other pre-workout supplement I have ever tried.  It helped me focus on my workout, gave me tons of energy, and over time really helped me bulk up where I was struggling to do so before.

When I take this pre-workout I am able to work out longer and I am able to recover much more quickly from my intense workouts than I was before.


I looked into what the ingredients are in the PreSeries to see how different it was from the other pre-workouts I had tried and lo and behold it was.

PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout is completely free of colored dyes, fillers, and harmful additives.  The company has worked to make their ingredients 100% transparent; I’ve found that many other pre-workout supplements contained a lot of things I wasn’t aware of that could potentially be bad for me.  The Testosterone Support complex in the PreSeries contains vitamin D3, boron, and zinc.  This trifecta of vitamins is really what helps gain bulk and increase muscle mass, and I can definitely say it did just that for me.

The other great thing about this pre-workout is that it comes in a bigger jug. That way, I don’t go through it so quickly and don’t have to keep ordering it as often as I had to with the others.  Each scoop of a little over 20 grams give me exactly what I need to work out at the gym so that I feel I am making progress with my body.

The Verdict

After trying out tons of different pre-workouts, I have definitely settled on PreSeries BULK.  This pre-workout tastes great, is quick and easy, and really gives me what I’ve been looking for: a way to bulk up that is safe and trustworthy.  No sketchy fillers, no unwanted dyes, just the straight bulk and energy I need.

I feel better about myself than I ever have in my life, and I think I owe a huge “thanks” to PreSeries for helping me get to this point!

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