Relax and Build Muscle!

Posted on March 26th, 2010 at 9:09 pm by


If you want to gain weight I am going to advise you to do something that you might not hear very often: relax.  You might ask, “How can I relax when I have to think about consuming the requisite calories everyday as well as going to the gym?”  Well, my response again would be…Relax.

You see, stress burns a lot of calories and the more stress you put yourself under the less successful you will be in building muscle.  Many skinny persons believe that they have to go to the gym in order to transform their thin frame into a more muscular physique.  But this is a myth.  One can make just as much progress working out at home even more so than at a gym once you do your research properly and figure out a program that is right for you.

The most important part of building muscle for an ectomorph is actually to eat; and eating isn’t all that hard.  If it is for you, protein shakes can aid you if you don’t have much time to eat.

After a month or so of intense training don’t be mean to your body.  Give yourself atleast a weeks break or two.  Trust me,  you will return more refreshed and invigorated to your workout and you will see better results than if you did not take a weeks break.  In fact, it is recommended that you take a weeks break from working out every 5 to 6 months.

Therefore, if you are stressing yourself out over your new muscle building regime step back and consider whether everything you are doing is really necessary.  Do you have to go the gym or can you workout from home?  Ofcourse, it is absolutely important that you do not cheat on your eating.  It is essential that you should be eating a lot everyday in order to gain weight but you do not have to overstuff yourself.  A week or two off from the gym will not kill you!  So take my advice for seeing better progress.  Relax and build muscle!

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