Proper Rest: An Important Component for a Better Body!

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A lot of people want a better body but the problem is they don’t do what is necessary.  They know they have to eat the right foods and exercise but they often give up early or go about it the wrong way.  While eating right and exercising are two main pillars to health and fitness there is a third important component – proper rest.

In between the exercising and eating right, many people often go the extreme end of each activity.  You know some people who are very strict about their diet and there are also people who will use any spare time to exercise.  It’s a good thing that people have focus but too much focus can also be bad.  For those who want to exercise, they often  photo rest_zps2274603c.jpgneglect their body by not allocating proper rest in-between or after their exercise routine.  Without proper rest, all focus on these activities might be lost and ineffective in the long run.  Another good argument for proper rest is to lessen the chances of injury you might encounter while working out.

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Working Out Too Much

The cardinal sin when beginning a work-out programme or getting back into the swing of working out is to overdo it.  For some people, working out is the solution to their body problems.  It is true, but like the old adage says things must be in moderation.  Motivation and drive are good but too much can be harmful.  This harm often manifests as injuries.

Let’s be real – starting a fitness routine gets you pumped and excited but that energy and enthusiasm needs be controlled.  Applying discipline to your routine and making sure you’re not overdoing anything is the way to achieve the best results.

Proper Rest and Recuperation

One of the key components of any effective workout plan which is often ignored is the power of proper rest and recuperation.  It is something you’ll need to consider, plan, and schedule to avoid injury or prevent an already existing injury.

When you work out, you activate your muscles with real effort and you’re actually making tiny injuries to the very fabric of your body.  These tiny injuries are little rips and tears that need to be repaired every single time.  Body repair occurs when the body is asleep or in a relaxed mode.  Aside from body repair, rest and recuperation time is also the time for muscle growth and regaining muscle strength.  What happens during a work-out is muscle breakdown and time is needed to build it up again.

In the case of an extreme work-out or exercise activity without rest, you’re actually destroying your muscles by not allocating time for to recovery.  Eventually, your body will collapse due to massive muscle fatigue.  To prevent this, you should take breaks.  The time-out will provide you with time to catch your breath and give yourself a reprieve.  Apply the same passion and dedication to shutting your body down at the right time as you do in working out.

Your workout needs to be intense enough to trigger real change but timed just right to make sure you never press over the line of progress.  This is something that you must learn to balance and maintain. You also need to be conscious of your body’s reaction to your activity.  You will know how your body feels and responds when you’ve pushed it.

When you’re excising, go with the flow and keep yourself in check.  Don’t treat advice such as “Do X amount of reps and sets in Y amount of time Z times a week” as gospel. Just perform it in the way you feel best.  Yes, you’ll probably shoot a little too low – or too high – at first, but as you move further along you’ll see the changes happen and can adjust accordingly.

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