Progressive Resistance – The Founding Principle Of Building Muscle!

Posted on January 26th, 2012 at 5:10 am by


If you don’t know the principle of progressive resistance then you are missing out on a vital concept in muscle building.  Progressive resistance is a natural law that can be applied to many areas of life.  It is through this principle that our muscles grow and we become stronger.

You cannot expect to build muscle if you lift the same weights repeatedly.  For example, performing bicep curls with 20lb dumbells day in day out will not help you build muscle because your muscles will have no incentive to grow.  In order for your biceps to grow you need to increase the weight.  This will be uncomfortable at first but your biceps will gradually become accustomed to lifiting a heavier weight.  Your biceps will not continue to grow, however, if you do not further increase the weight.  Gradually increasing the weight will result in strength and muscle gains.  This is the principle behind progressive resistance.

Bodyweight exercises such as pushups are limited in this regard since there is an extent to the amount of resistance that can be obtained from this type of exercise.  To correct this one can do pushups with a backpack of weights which you can gradually add more to.  If you really want to build muscle, however, you should opt for weght training exercises over bodyweight type exercises.

If you really think about it this principle is common sense – you cannot get stronger if you don’t increase the weights you lift.  If you don’t get stronger then you won’t build muscle.  Not implementing this principle is the main reason so many persons fail in their attempt to build muscle.

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