Post Workout Meal Ideas!

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Now that you have completed an extremely gruelling morning workout, you suddenly realise how hungry you are.  The question arises as to what kind of foods can help in maximizing your just concluded  photo ID-100177865_zps64387b69.jpgmorning workout.  The solution is simple: dense and complex carbohydrates, high fibre and protein.  In order to optimally recover from your workout, you will require this ideal combination to ensure that your body is equipped with all the necessary nutrients to start rebuilding.

Post workout, the body is eager to replace all the energy and nutrients it has lost during the physical activity.  On an ideal note, the refuelling procedure must begin between 20 and 40 minutes after working out.  It is important to include lean protein that can help in rebuilding the muscles, while adding in some form of complex carbohydrates in order to reload energy levels. Contrary to all forms of popular advice, carbohydrates are actually essential for the body. If the body does not receive complex carbohydrates from a post workout meal, it may start to break down muscle tissues within the body.  During exercise, the glycogen stored in the muscles get depleted, and if this glycogen is not replaced by carbohydrates then the body begins taking the glycogen from the muscle tissue to replenish itself.  Here is a list of the best post workout snacks and meals you could have after your exercise session.

  • Blend in 5 ounces of plain Greek yoghurt, half a banana, half a cup of ice and two tablespoons of powdered peanut butter.  Your muscles receive the protein fix they need from the Greek yoghurt with an additional protein boost from the powdered peanut butter, that can help in kick starting the synthesis of the muscles faster than any other food.  The addition of half a banana completes in rounding out the post workout meal by adding in the much-needed complex and dense carbohydrates.
  • If you are looking to munch on to something instead of slurping on a smoothie, opt for this Mediterranean inspired snack that it is chock-a-block with nutrients and energy:  half a medium grilled chicken breast with a portion of whole wheat pita bread, along with 1 ounce melted feta cheese and two slices of tomato.  This snack not only provides your body with 30 g of protein, it also adds in antioxidants that can help in aiding fat loss in the form of feta cheese, and complex whole-grain carbohydrates in the pita bread.
  • A quick rush-off post workout meal that can be had while on the go can be one large orange along with one ounce of turkey jerky.  This quick snack provides your body with 15 grams of protein needed to rebuild the muscle.  In addition, the orange which is loaded in potassium is useful in replacing the electrolytes lost during the workout session, while helping to fuel your next exercise schedule.  One might question why opt for turkey jerky instead of a protein bar.  Importantly, turkey jerky offers a good amount of protein minus the sugars and fats that can be seen added in most protein bars.

The type of snacks consumed after your exercise is extremely crucial.  More importantly, the portion of the snack, and the time at which it is consumed, makes a significant impact in influencing how well your body is likely to recover and rebuild sore muscles and tissues after the exercise session.  Another important note to remember, depending how healthy or unhealthy the snack, your body will dictate whether the energy will be used as fuel or stored as fat.  So remember to eat clean and healthy to give that added difference to your body after a workout.

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