How to Build Muscle Using Kettlebells!

August 3, 2012


What are Kettlebells? Kettlebells are iron cast weights which is believed to have originated in Greece before being extensively used and popularized by the Russians.  Kettlebells pre-date traditional dumbell and barbell weights used in conventional gyms since kettlebells have been … Read More

Muscle Pump: Is it Necessary or Overrated?

July 29, 2012


What is a Muscle Pump? A muscle pump is the temporary situation that arises when your exercised muscle becomes flooded with blood causing this muscle to swell.  Anyone who has experienced a muscle pump can attest to the amazing feeling … Read More

Milk, possibly the fastest way to build muscle!

July 25, 2012


MILK IS A LIQUEFIED MEAL Instead of wasting your money on expensive supplements it would be wise to take advantage of the tremendous muscle building benefits of milk.  Milk is practically a liquefied meal since one cup provides 9 grams … Read More

Blueberries, are they the perfect post exercise food?

June 6, 2012


New research seems to indicate that consuming blueberries can increase the rate of recovery of muscle tissue after exercise.  The research is in it’s beginning stages but it is assumed that the anthocyanin (pigment) present in blueberries is responsible for … Read More

How the Paleo Diet Can Get You Lean!

May 30, 2012


WHAT IS THE PALEO DIET? The Paleo Diet advocates for us to get back to eating like our cavemen ancestors did in the Paleolithic era which is pre agrarian times.  This is in contrast to the Neolithic era when man … Read More

3 Step Muscle Building!

May 21, 2012


Ok, so I was scouring the internet a few days ago and came upon this fantastic site by the name of 3stepmusclebuilding.  I have to tell you that the 100 page free report the site has is absolutely amazing.  … Read More

You don’t have to lift big to get big?

May 13, 2012


New research seems to threaten the conventional belief among the muscle building community that one has to lift more to build more muscle.  This concept known as Progressive Resistance has been espoused by fitness professionals all over. According to the … Read More

A Gluten Free Pizza for Choosy Kids!

April 14, 2012


A Gluten Free Pizza for Choosy Kids! Its quite difficult to make kids eat especially if they are gluten intolerant. This is a major cause of concern among parents who have gluten intolerant kids at home. The Gluten free regime … Read More

Why Stretching Should Be a Central Part of Your Workout!

April 11, 2012


I’m pleased to present a guest post from Dahn Yoga about the importance of stretching.  I must tell you I was very impressed by the comprehensive information this site contains on yoga and tai chi and I encourage all of … Read More

Do You Know Your Cardiorespiratory Fitness Level?

April 8, 2012


Cardiorespiratory Fitness can be defined as the ability of your body to transport oxygen to your muscles as well as the ability of your muscles to make proper use of that oxygen.  Improved levels of cardiorespiratory fitness will have a … Read More