Need To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat? Try Freezing It Off!

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A technique that involves freezing fat cells in a non-invasive manner is the newest method that cosmetic surgeons are using to reduce fat without the pain, risk or recovery time typical of surgical procedures.  This new procedure is great news for men and women who want to spot reduce fatty areas from their tummy, lower back, thighs, chin and love handles.

How is the procedure performed?  When patients get their fat cells frozen their cosmetic surgeon uses a special applicator to target specific areas that the patient is having problems with.  The applicator  photo operatingroom_zpsd5725b79.jpguses suction to grasp rolls of skin and fat into the device.  Once a patient’s fatty tissue is in the device, the applicator automatically chills the area to a precise temperature.  The temperature is cold, but it is not so cold that it is painful.

Patients do not experience any pain during the treatment; there is no anesthesia required.  Patients do experience a pulling sensation as their skin is being sucked up into the applicator.  It feels like a suction cup pulling on your skin.

Patients will not feel any pain during the fat freezing; they are able to read, listen to music or just relax for the duration that the procedure is being performed.  Most patients are able to resume normal activities the very day of the procedure; there is no downtime where they miss work, school or family obligations.

After a couple of days, the fat cells that were cooled by the applicator begin to die off and get absorbed by the body.  When the cells die the body eliminates them through normal metabolic processes.  These fat cells do not regenerate and are eliminated over the course of a few months. When the patient’s body eliminates fat in this way they end up with a natural and contoured look. This is much different from other procedures that can leave scars, lumps and an uneven distribution of fat.

When a patient freezes their fat cells it permanently destroys them in a non-invasive manner. Traditional methods like liposuction use invasive incisions to vacuum out fat cells.  The non-invasive freezing procedure allows patients to quickly recover without much pain or risk of infection.  A simple one hour treatment can reduce fat in problem areas by as much as 25 percent.

Are there any side effects?

Typically, patients are able to return to their everyday lives immediately after the procedure.  Some patients notice redness in the treated area that can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.  Sometimes, localized bruising can occur which usually goes away within a few weeks.  Some patients experience a dulling sensation where the procedure was performed.  This eventually goes away and never lasts more than a week or two.

Freezing fat cells is an ideal procedure for patients who seek a natural and contoured physique.  Your cosmetic surgeon can let you know if the procedure is right for you.  Typically, patients who are near their ideal weight with some stubborn areas will benefit the most from such a procedure.

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