My Favorite Ways To Use Protein Powder!

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Protein shakeAfter realizing that my workouts had become too routine, I decided to change things up.  My gym buddy and I started a new workout program that primarily focuses on building more muscle.  In addition to starting the new workout program, we also decided to start using protein drinks.

Protein drinks help when starting a new workout routine because they contain high amounts of amino acids, which help muscle tissues repair and grow.  While I had previously just been eating chicken, fish or beans after workouts, I learned that protein drinks are more effective because they are absorbed into the bloodstream much quicker.  Overall, I have found that the protein drinks make a huge difference.  Here is how I have been using them.

When do I drink them?

I usually drink a protein drink before and after my workouts.  The benefit of drinking one before is that it gives me the energy I need to get through an intense workout.  This is especially important when I have had a long day at work and not a lot to eat.  If I am tired and know I will be going to the gym I usually make a protein drink about 30 minutes before I leave.

I also almost always make a protein drink after my workouts.  Working out depletes the glycogen in your muscles and a protein drink helps replace it.  I bring a pre-prepared drink to the gym because drinking it immediately after a workout leads to the maximum amount of nutrient absorption.  While I often drink skim milk, I use whole milk in my protein drinks because it does a better job at building muscle tissue.

How do I prepare them?

Because the taste of protein gets pretty bland I’ve tried several different ways of preparing it.  There are a lot of options, so don’t feel limited to the following.  These are simply my favorites so far:


Blending some fresh fruit into the drink, gives it a great taste while keeping it healthy.  Fruits that I tend to use in these are strawberries, raspberries or bananas.  Fruit also provides some nutrients needed in recovery.

Make a smoothie-

Because I get sick of just making a protein drink, I often turn it into a smoothie.  I will put it into a blender and add ice.  Adding a banana also makes it a little thicker.  Sometimes I will even make one of these as a replacement meal.

Add chocolate-

Another approach that has helped me get the drink down is by adding chocolate powder.  Sometimes I will add chocolate powder and milk, making it taste more like a shake.  It gives it a sweeter taste, so I actually look forward to drinking it.  You can basically use any type of milkshake powder.

Switch the brand-

I have tried several different brands since the time I have started my new workout.  It is a good idea to only buy small amounts of the drink at a time because you may end up not liking it.  Most powders come in a large and small size, so go with the small one and if you like it buy the big one next.  Many of them are very similar, so it’s usually just a matter of preference.

Here is a list of other recipes for enhancing your protein powder.

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