Muscle Pump: Is it Necessary or Overrated?

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What is a Muscle Pump?

A muscle pump is the temporary situation that arises when your exercised muscle becomes flooded with blood causing this muscle to swell.  Anyone who has experienced a muscle pump can attest to the amazing feeling it gives making it something much sought after by persons attempting to build muscle.

The Process Behind a Muscle Pump

The process involved in the achievement of a muscle pump is rather straightforward.  Say you are working out your arms, the body responds by pumping nutrient rich blood into the muscle cells of your arms to give them the energy to withstand the stress that is being placed upon them.  The advantage of having more blood available in your exerted muscle is increased performance since blood carries with it oxygen and other nutrients critical to performance and this results in the elimination of waste materials such as lactic acid which can reduce performance.  With less lactic acid in your muscle cells this will mean fatigue would take a longer time to register resulting in the ability to lift more and rest less between sets.

Why A Muscle Pump is a Good Thing

Obtaining a good muscle pump will work wonders for your mood since your body’s blood circulation will be at it’s peak so you will feel amost invincible and full of energy.  Increased blood circulation will also mean less poisons and toxins in your system since they will be easily flushed away giving your immune system a huge boost resulting in a healthier and happier you.

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A Muscle Pump Does Not Directly Result in Muscle Growth

Despite the widely held view that a muscle pump will result in muscle growth there is no scientific evidence to back this up, nevertheless, a muscle pump will provide the anabolic environment in which muscle growth can occur although the effect is short lasting since your engorged muscles will eventually return to normal size post workout.  Nonetheless, obtaining a good muscle pump will have stretched your muscle fibers creating space for additional muscle growth once you follow up a muscle pump with adequate nutrition and rest.  Therefore, what you do consequent to a muscle pump is critical.

A Muscle Pump Is Possible in Every Workout

There is no reason why one cannot achieve a muscle pump in every workout.  Although a muscle pump does not directly result in muscle growth it does create the suitable conditions for this to happen.  A muscle pump is beneficial because it means improved performance.  The absence of a muscle pump could mean that your body is not fully recovered or that your diet needs more attention but it is very important that you listen to your body.

Do you get a muscle pump every time that you workout?

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