How Weightlifting Can Work Miracles in Your Life!

Posted on December 26th, 2011 at 12:20 am by


Most persons are not aware of the tremendous benefits that weightlifting offers otherwise everyone would ensure that they get 15 to 20 minutes of weight training atleast twice per week.  These benefits range from physical health benefits to improvements in mood.  Weight training is often recommended by medical professionals in the treatment and control of various health issues.

Improves Health

Weightlifting has been scientifically proven to help in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, prevent the onset and reverse the effects of osteoporosis and sarcopenia (loss of muscle tissue), improve posture and so much more.  As people age their bones become weaker but weightlifting counteracts this by strengthenning the bones thereby averting the onset of osteoporosis.  Due to the increase in lean muscle tissue from weight training you will find that everyday tasks like carrying groceries will become easier.

Improves Mood

Weightlifting has a very positive impact on mood.  Depressed persons would do well to partake in weighttraining as it helps one sleep better and lack of sleep is a common trait of depressed persons.  Weight training also increases our capactiy to cope with stress so if you have a stressful life then this is an activity you should try to incorporate in your lifestyle.

Builds Confidence

The sense of acomplishment one gets from progress whether it is strength gains, a better physique or improvements in health will help to build confidence.  There is nothing like reaping the benefits from hard work in the gym.  Progress might seem slow but consistency will ensure that the cumulative effects result in tremendous improvements.  This will be evident after only a few months.


The benefits of weightlifting are almost miraculous due to the positive impact on your health, physique and mood.  Everyone should ensure that they incorporate weight training into their lifestyle no matter their age, gender or physical state.  It can only lessen or correct any physical ailment or emotional problems you may have.

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