How to Mix Caffeine With a Successful Workout

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Many professionalds know that a quick shot of caffeine helps enhance performance naturally, and the same is to be said for athletes.  While science continues to look into the full benefits of caffeine before a workout, the research to date is positive.  Drinking caffeine before a workout contributes an energy boost, helps with alertness, and offers other workout advantages. When building a menu to help meet fitness goals, be sure to include a healthy cup of coffee or tea before every workout session.

Effect on the Body

According to Sports Medicine, caffeine has been proven to increase speed and endurance in government studies.  It is also known to increase alertness and help an athlete work out longer.  Some scientists believe the substance might help an athlete burn excess fat.  According to Time Health, muscles rely on glycogen for energy, grabbing that before using body fat.  However, a quick coffee before a workout could trigger muscles to skip the glycogen in favor of fat cells.  This is terrific news for anyone trying to bulk up or simply lose a few pounds.  The effect of caffeine begins approximately one hour after consumption, then lasts up to a total of six hours. If the taste of coffee is unappealing or too bitter, spice it up.  Skip the sugar and add some salt to coffee to make it more appealing.

What Researchers Do Not Know

Researchers do know that caffeine helps a workout, but there remains some holes in the current knowledge.  The benefits of this miracle bean have been noticeable during longer endurance tasks than shorter work out bursts. Scientists do not yet know how long a person must work out before the body switches over to using fat instead of glycogen.   The amount of caffeine necessary to get the full benefit is also unknown.  It has long been believed that consistent coffee drinkers would need extra caffeine, due to a built-up tolerance.  However, according to the New York Times, this simply is not true. Brazilian researchers found that regular coffee drinkers still outlasted non-caffeinated competitors.  This means that caffeine has a lasting effect on working out, no matter how much is consumed, or how often.

While the research on caffeine is continuing, the discoveries are promising. What researchers do not know about caffeine’s effect on performance does not weigh down what is currently known.  Drinking a cup of coffee before a workout is currently a proven way to increase endurance and possibly burn more fat.

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