How To Get Those Big Biceps!

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 photo measurement_zps9a9deb77.jpgMost men want bigger biceps.  The biceps are part of a muscle group that really grabs attention.  Having nice biceps allows you to wear tighter fitting tees and just gives you a more confident appearance.  Not to mention going to a beach- “suns out, guns out.”


So how does one go about defining and building their womanizers?  A common misconception is “specializing” by working nothing but biceps and working them every day.  This is an entirely flawed mentality because a huge factor to building is balance.  In order to achieve larger amounts of muscle growth, other areas over the body need to be worked like the chest, back, and even the core muscles.  One way to hit all of these areas is good form rows.

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Muscle Repair

Another reason working the same muscle group every day is a bad idea is because muscles need time to rest so they can properly repair.  Overworking them will lead to less than optimal results, and sometimes can even be counterproductive.  Make sure you’re getting enough and regular sleep.  Most of muscle repair occurs during sleep.  Another important factor for repair is your diet.  Eating right, which means eating the right combination of carbs and protein, will help tremendously.  It goes side by side with good exercise and rest.  Your body needs protein and nutrients to repair the muscles.  If you don’t give your body what it needs, it can’t meet the demands you ask of it.

Bicep Building Exercises

A few exercises that are key to building biceps are the standing barbell bicep curls, standing dumbbell hammer curls, and the one arm dumbbell concentration curl.  The standing barbell bicep curls should be done in reps of eight to twelve per set.  Obviously, one should do these with good form.  The standing dumbbell hammer curls will allow for forearm development, which look good with big biceps.  They help keep the arms looking proportional and definitely compliment the bicep as well.  Lastly, the one arm dumbbell concentration curls should be done towards the end of your bicep workout.  When doing the one arm dumbbell concentration curls, one should really focus on squeezing at the peak of the movement.  Good form is key.  This will allow you to get the maximum benefit of the exercise.


You cannot achieve anything without dedication and hard work.  Without it you will achieve nothing in life and the same is true for building muscle.  If you are serious about building muscle fast, then you need to be focused.  This is the difference between being a success and a failure.

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