How to Eat Like A Pro!

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World class football players don’t just have great skills.  They have a good attitude when it comes to how they take care of their body.  Yes, they practice their skills; yes, they weight train; and yes, they work hard to increase their stamina.  They are also conscious of what they put into their body.

Diet can really affect your performanceIf you are preparing for football trials then you need to know exactly how to fuel your body.  Filling a car with the wrong kind of petrol will make it sluggish and means that it has to work harder.  The same goes for your body.  If you fill your body with junk and don’t have your essential vitamins and minerals then your body will have to work twice as hard.

What makes a good football diet?

As a young person you will have plenty of temptation where food and drink is concerned.  Fizzy drinks and junk food are all too readily available.  They are easily accessible and they taste good but they are extremely bad for your health and training programme.  High levels of sugar and carbonation means that your body has to work harder.  This will drain your body of its energy levels.  It also means that your blood sugar levels will spike and then drop.  The aim is to maintain a steady blood sugar level so your body is working at an even pace.

The most important meal of the day

Start each day with breakfast.  How can you train on an empty stomach?  Start the day right.  Opt for oats with fresh blueberries or egg whites.  Your body has been starved while you slept so breaking that fast with something nutritious will mean that your body will thank you.

Avoid processed foods

Processed foods are a no-no.  Microwave meals have hidden sugars and salts and there is no real nutritional value in a chicken nugget.

Pizza, take-aways, chips and burgers; now is not the time to fill your body wth the wrong fuel.  Eat little and often and aim for whole wheat bread and pasta as white carbohydrates will turn to sugar.  Carb-loading on whole wheat foods will release energy slowly, this will give you a consistency in energy over a longer period of time.

Apples, bananas, as well as lots of fruit and vegetables will help to give you strength as well as lots of vital vitamins and minerals.  Don’t overdo the fruits as they have a lot of hidden sugar as well.

Drink plenty

Drink plenty of the right stuff.  Water is essential.  Are you drinking enough?  Most people are not hydrated enough and this can slow their body down.  If you fear that you are not drinking enough then why not download one of the many apps out there that lets you know if you are drinking enough throughout the day?  An energy drink will be helpful after you have played sports.  Choose one that replaces your electrolytes.  Don’t wait until you are thirsty.

Eat well and take it seriously.  If it is good enough for the pro’s, well, it is good enough for you.

About the Author

Harry Price is an unashamed football fan.  He also enjoys writing about technology and spending time with family.

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