How to Detoxify Your Body!

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Have you ever had the feeling of disconnect with reality, sluggishness and an overall drop in mood and productivity?  Are you having problems with your skin, pain in your muscles or joints, digestive problems and more without any real reason?  Are you having trouble trying to keep yourself from gaining weight?  This might be the perfect time to detox your body.

Detoxification has been practised around the world for centuries: China, India, Europe and the rest of the world.  Regardless of the varying names and techniques the goal is the same, which is to help you get back on track by purging your body of harmful chemicals thereby helping you to become fit and strong.  Eliminating toxins within yourself, along with maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine can reinvigorate you thereby giving you a chance to enjoy a new su photo Angelaarticlepic_zps2ead7e83.jpgrge of energy in a life otherwise stale and slowed down to a crawl.

Our bodies are complex biochemical systems capable of adaptation to our environment based on the lifestyle we live.  In today’s world toxins are pretty much everywhere from the food we eat, the household items we use, the air we breathe and more.  We can do our best to minimize our exposure to their influence and effects with persistence and determination.   Your body will love you and you will love yourself thereby improving your quality of life.

Detoxification techniques such as fasting cleanses the blood thereby removing toxins from your liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, intestines and lungs.  This occurs naturally in your body but certain actions  can boost the process by improving your blood circulation or refueling your body with nutrients.  Detox should be done at least once a year to keep you healthy and safe from harm.  If you are suffering from a serious health issues or you are a pregnant woman, you should first consult your doctor for more information.  Detox will help you fight a wide number of issues so you can enjoy a more energetic life.

For starters, you need to lower or eliminate your intake of toxins.  This means alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, refined sugar and saturated fat are your enemies, as too much slows down the natural healing process of your body.  Stress can also be a huge reason for rising toxicity, as it forces your body to release a powerful cocktail of hormones to cope with the situations causing it.  This can give you a short-term rush of awareness, focus, and energy but too much of this for an extended period of time becomes toxic and damages you in the long run.  Staying away from stressors can help you feel much better in combination with other methods of detox.  Meditation and contemplation of nature or other relaxing environments can help you feel better as well.

Follow these basic tips to bring your life back into focus and release the flow of energy back to your body:

  • Eat decent amounts of fiber from organic sources such as rice, fruits and vegetables.
  • Drinking green tea can help cleanse you and protect your liver thereby enhancing body functions.
  • Vitamin C present in organic food helps drive away toxins through the production of glutathione.
  • Staying hydrated is key to expelling toxins from the body.
  • Learn to breathe correctly.
  • Do your best to stay positive despite adversity.
  • Use a sauna to detox your skin.

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