How to Build Muscle Using Kettlebells!

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What are Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are iron cast weights which is believed to have originated in Greece before being extensively used and popularized by the Russians.  Kettlebells pre-date traditional dumbell and barbell weights used in conventional gyms since kettlebells have been around for hundreds of years.  In many ways, kettlebells are superior to traditional weights when it comes to building muscle for reasons you will discover.

Greater Muscle Stimulation

The design of the kettlebell cause the center of gravity of the weight to fall outside of the palm of one’s hand making it much more unpredictable to control than traditional weights.  A kettlebell is spherical in shape but has a flat base with a handle attached that lifters hold onto usually with both hands.  The weight is swung in controlled movements which brings into play multiple muscle groups since the uneven displacement of the weight forces more of your muscles to come into action in an attempt to balance the weight.  Ultimately, this means that more muscle fibers are stimulated and therefore greater potential for muscle growth.

Functional and Practical Benefits

In order to avoid injury it is best to start with a light weight in order to learn the proper swinging motions before advancing to anything heavier.  The strength benefits from using kettlebells are more functional since the movements involved in the exercises replicate movements done in everyday life.  Therefore, you will not only build more muscle but you will become more flexible and agile which will enhance performance in every day activities and will especially give you the edge in competitive sports.  Therefore, the greater functional and practical benefits from using kettlebells gives it the edge when compared to using traditional weights.

Total Body Workout

If you don’t have time to go the a gym then exercising with the kettlebell is a great way to build muscle on your own.  The design of the weight provides for a full body workout with every exercise and you can perform them anywhere and anytime which makes it all the more convenient.

Below is a sample kettlebell workout to build muscle:

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