How to Build Muscle as a Hardgainer!

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Hardgainers are persons who have such a high metabolism they find it difficult to gain weight.  This can be a problem since hardgainers would also find it difficult to build muscle.  The key to this problem is to consume more calories than you burn, in combination with an effective weight training plan.


If you are a hardgainer then you have to be wise about your food choices.  You should opt for healthy high calorie foods over low calorie foods.  For example, go for dried fruits such as raisins over watery fruits like watermelons because dried fruits have more calories.  You should also ensure you get enough heart friendly unsaturated fats from olive oil, nuts and seeds since they are calory dense.  Fats have twice as much calories as the same serving of protein and carbohydrates.  You should, however, stay away from unhealthy fats from fries and other fast foods menu items which will result in the development of various health problems.


Hardgainers need to combine a wise diet with an effective weight training plan.  It is best to focus on compound exercises like the squats, deadlifts and the benchpress which utilize many muscle groups.  These exercises encourage the release of growth hormones that will help you to build muscle.  Skinny persons who want to build muscle mass tend to focus on their arms at the expense of their legs, but your legs contain the largest muscles in your body and gaining a lot of muscle in your legs will have a spillover effect for muscle growth in your entire body.  Therefore, an effective leg routine is a must for hardgainers.


Hardgainers should ensure they get enough protein in their diet.  Protein helps to build and repair muscle tissue, so if you are involved in weight training this needs to be backed up by increasing your intake of protein to rebuild the muscle that you are breaking down in the gym.  Also, ensure that you get a good amount of complex carbohydrates from vegetables and other foods.


As you will realize, weight training and proper nutrition is the key to gaining weight.  Eat more and exercise hard to build muscle.  Be patient as 0.5 to 2 lbs of lean muscle is the most you can expect to gain per week.  Consistency is therefore the most important thing in transforming your body from skinny to muscular.

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