How To Build A Muscular Back!

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Many persons do not give as much attention to building their back as they do for their chest (Killer Chest Workout Routine) and shoulders (The Secret To Achieving Great Looking Shoulders) and this is unfortunate because it means they are missing out on a great deal of muscle gbackrowth.  You might not have known this before but your back muscles consists of 70% of the muscles of your upper body therefore a more muscular back would also translate into better chest and shoulder development.

The lats are the most visible muscles of the back and is responsible for giving the back that coveted V shape.  This muscle is targetted with any vertical pulling

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movement which would mean exercises such as the wide grip lateral pull-down, pull up and chin up would place this muscle into focus.  Your trap muscles are triangular muscles located at the base of your neck leading onto the upper back and dumbbell shrugs are excellent at developing them.  Well developed traps will bring out the contours of your shoulders by making them seem thicker so it is a really great exercise to do.

Horizontal pulling movements or rowing movements are great exercises for your upper and middle back and these include the one arm dumbell row, seated cable row and bentover barbell row.  These exercises are excellent to develop thickness in your back thus giving the spinal chord the protection and support it needs leading to greater overrall upper body strength.  Don’t forget to work out your erector spinal or lower back with exercises such as the hyperextension and Superman as a well developed lower back is an asset since it makes your waist seem smaller.

Some persons fail to give their back sufficient attention in favour of working out their chest and this is dangerous since it can lead to muscle imbalances resulting in poor posture and eventually and injury.  If you do not work your back enough you run the risk of  your back muscles becoming too weak causing your shoulders to appear hunched.  This is why you need to work your back as hard as you work your chest for the reward will be a more aesthetically pleasing and healthy physique.

You should always give your back muscles sufficient time to recover which means you should never target them more than once per week.  It is outside and not inside of the gym that muscle is built so ensure that you get enough rest and nutrients from an adequate diet so that your back muscles can rebuild (Sample Hardgainer Meal Plan For Huge Muscle Growth).  With an intelligent training routine and a balanced diet you are guaranteed to pack on a great deal of muscle mass on your back.

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