How to Achieve a Great Street Workout!

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Over the years, the fitness industry has pumped millions into high tech fitness machines and centers.  At the core of it is the need to keep people healthy and make a small fortune off the service, perhaps?  Whatever the case, fitness is now worth billions and the revenue keeps growing.  There is this growing trend around the world in which everyone is going for street workouts rather than visiting the jazzed up fitness centers of today.  Honestly, what’s not to like about this rising trend?  It basically covers all aspects of exercising, and then some.

Take a look at this video, featuring some health-conscious kids from Chile.

It’s all out in the streets, and there is space out there for everyone to exercise.  As the kids gang up for a short spell of working out, you can see the enthusiasm on their faces as they go straight to group pull-ups.  These are solid, energized movements that rely on the hands for a firm hold as well as the shoulders for short bursts of energy.  As they push up and lower in quick succession you can see their muscles rippling.  This kind of street workout is great for the biceps as well as the triceps.  They tend to alternate energy between these body parts which reduce any chances of muscle strain.

Pacey Pulses

Street workouts have the distinction of being very pacey.  As seen in the video, the kids move on to the next phase of their workout pretty fast.  This is in a calculated effort to enhance recovery time and make it easier to catch a breath within seconds, even after an intense workout.

A young man goes for the ultimate pushup at 0:34, hoisting a partner on his back while counting off the movements.  As he goes up and down, there is going to be a significant workout for his biceps and triceps.  This rather unique kind of pushup also works on a wide array of muscle groups independent of the biceps and triceps.  Since the friend’s weight is put squarely on his back, the kid gets a chance to work on his back muscles.  The small of the back is vulnerable to strain hence why pressure is placed solely on the upper back.  The chest area is also a definite beneficiary of this type of pushup as that’s where a lot of the energy seems to be drawn from (in a bid to lift the additional weight).

Street Workouts and Diversity

As the video progresses, we are treated to just how diverse the movements are, and we can attribute this to the presence of space and the lack of any physical inhibitions.  We can see two individuals attempting a type of pushup where the effort is shifted from the ground to the hands of the other individual in a scene reminiscent of a ‘horizontal’ tug of war at 2:24.  This exercise serves to exercise the arms, chest and back once again..

To further diversify the scope of their exercises, the young men are making use of pretty much every asset there is out on the street like swinging from metal bars.  In some instances, it is basically one horizontal bar hoisted across two vertical poles for stability.  The individuals working out stretch at will, pumping up their arms from the bars and moving their feet in rapid cycling motions, a concept which no doubt does wonders to the muscles at the back of the feet and in the abdomen.  Towards the very end, the kids swing from a succession of circular metal bars with grips, and it’s actually a miracle how they recover from one swing to the next, all the way to the end of the line.

What’s Not to Like?

Honestly, whats not to like about working out on the street?  The space is immense, the energy is intense, and there is just so much to do.  Forget fancy fitness centers and picturesque gyms that cost a significant fortune; street workouts will not cost you a dime.  It feels like for the first time in years that we have no excuse not to stay fit.


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