How Exercise Can Develop Memory in Older Adults!

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As you reach a certain age you tend to find it difficult to remember things which happened in the past.  This is because people tend to lose some of their memory as they grow old.  The bones and muscles in your body loses strength and agility and somehow this also results in the loss of the nimble briskness of your mind.

It is essential that ageing persons keep fit and healthy to keep both their bodies and minds in good condition.  A fit and healthy body helps to keep the mind alert and active, therefore older persons should get involved in physical activities so they can have a hale and hearty existence.

If you are getting up there in age here are some basic activities you can do to keep your memory sharp and dynamic:

Get Enough Physical Exercise

Physical exercise helps to increase oxygen in the brain thereby eliminating the development of health conditions such as diabetes which can lead to memory loss.  Physical exercise will also improve the quality of your sleep.  Sleeping helps increase creativity and critical thinking skills.  Do not compromise on sleep and make sure you get at least 6 hours of deep sleep per night.

 Find Time to Meditate

Stress and depression are the worst enemies of memory cells.  Too much stress and depression destroys brain cells by damaging that region of the brain which forms new memories and retrieves old ones.  Meditation, in this case, is the best exercise.  Meditation calms the mind and helps to keep anxiety away.  Meditation also helps to perk up creativity, concentration, focus as well as learning and reasoning skills.  You may even contact a reputed home care service provider and they will guide you and teach you the basics of meditating properly.

Participate in Early Morning Walks

There is hardly anything better to stay healthy than an early morning walk.  The refreshing morning air helps your mind remain fresh and lively.  Morning walks are beneficial to people of all ages by improveing blood circulation in the body and reducing the possibility of heart attacks.  It also keeps blood sugar levels in check in addition to preventing fat deposition in the body and increasing the breathing capacity of the lungs.  Moreover, it is extremely useful in reducing the risk of fatal diseases like cancer.

Get Social

Social interaction is perhaps the best exercise for the brain.  Make it a habit to meet your friends at least once every other day.  Indulge in lighthearted discussions with them.  Read at least one newspaper everyday as well as listen to the news.  An active social life will help to slow the rate of memory decline.

Laugh More

The old saying “Laughter is the best medicine” is true to the core.  When you laugh, the activity engages various regions across the brain.  Laughter makes people not only associate freely but improves their thought process.  When you hear laughter, move towards it.  Do not just share and laugh at jokes with your friends, also share your embarrassing moments. The more you laugh, the more your memory remains active.

Play Mentally Challenging Games

Games like Puzzles, Crossword and Sudoku have a positive impact on the brain.  As you indulge in these games, your brain remains lively and attentive. You can also play online memory games or card games which will make you use your brain a lot.

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Adam Wilson is a famous author. He is also an avid blogger and traveler.  He takes a keen interest in health issues.  In this article, he talks about the ways exercise can improve memory in older adults, with a special reference to elderly home care service providers.

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