High Protein Diet to Burn Fat!

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It seems too good to be true, however, the evidence is compelling: you can lose weight by eating more protein.  However, you do have to take care not to overindulge with this diet. It is not grounds to simply start eating more steak.  Part of the effectiveness of a high-protein diet is also in what it excludes.

What to Avoid

People are accustomed to high carbohydrate diets.  Part of the reason for this may be that carbohydrates are the body’s natural source of energy.  If carbs are available, your body will burn them first before falling back on other sources.  However, people tend to get way more than they need and this can lead to weight problems as well as other health issues.

On a high protein diet, replace your usual carbohydrate-heavy menu items with sources of protein.  Exclude enough of such items to reduce carbohydrates to about 50% of your calorie intake, rather than the 70% to 80% that may be your normal.  It may be easiest to exclude foods such as bread.  Rice and any other grain will also have a high-carb content so cut down on them.

Do not get carried away with the protein.  It is not an excuse to eat thick steaks.  Many animal derived sources of protein are good for you but preparation is key.  You will not make much progress if you ingest a lot of the fat that usually accompanies animal protein.  Of the meats that you do include, try lean cuts to avoid the fat content.

What to Eat

Increased sources of protein in your diet will help you lose weight in several ways.  First, the lack of carbs in your diet will cause your body to turn to stored fat to burn for energy.  Second, the increase in protein will allow you to exercise more efficiently and repair more tissue to build muscle mass.  Finally, protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates.  The digestion process for protein begins in the stomach rather than the mouth, where the body begins to break down carbohydrates for immediate use.  Protein makes you feel full as your body struggles to break it down.

The ideal sources for this macronutrient will be found in certain cuts of meat as well as many non-animal sources.  For example, nuts and legumes are all high in protein.  However, if you are a vegetarian or become one as part of your diet plan, you should be careful to plan your menus to include a wide variety of protein sources to obtain all the amino acids needed to support human muscle repair and building.

Animal sources of protein automatically contain the right selection of amino acids.  Fish and chicken will be better for you overall but red meat is still permissible.  The cuts of all meats should be lean to avoid adding fat to your system when you want to burn the quantities already stored in your tissues.

Another advantage of such a diet is the ease with which you may adhere to it.  There is not a lot of suffering on a high protein diet to discourage you.

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