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A growing consensus among health and fitness experts is a rare thing.  You only have to read the newspapers or do a Google search to see all of the contradictory advice out there.  However, one thing people are increasingly agreeing on is that exercise is good for the mind as well as for the body.  This is something which is relatively less known but deserves more exposure.

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Studies are now showing there to be a clear impact upon brain function, mentality, and happiness from exercise, and it’s a good one.  The physical benefits of exercise are well-known but can be summarized as extending life, improving bodily functions, and increasing energy.

On a psychological level, it is believed that much like kissing and laughter, exercise stimulates the release of endorphins which induce a sense of euphoria and happiness in a person.  Evidence is also showing increased cognitive function, improved memory, and improved abilities to concentrate. Furthermore, regular exercise is showing these elements to decline at a slower rate than in inactive people as they age.  Finally, exercise appears to stimulate neurogenesis otherwise known as the growth of new brain cells.

Let’s look at some specific mental health issues:

  • Anxiety: This is an irrational dread which can lead to panic attacks and social isolation.  It is often a result of something traumatic.  Exercise can reduce the impact of triggers or make anxiety attacks less extreme.

  • Depression: As noted above, the production of endorphins can make people with depression feel happier even if it is temporary.

  • ADHD: By exercising, those with ADHD find that the neurochemicals produced by activity have the same positive effects as Adderall and Ritalin, but without the negative side effects including increased concentration.

Would you like to find out more including both the physical and social benefits of exercise?  If so, you can find the full report in this guide to mental health and exerciseYou can also check out the Keep Healthy Living blog.

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