Great Leg Exercises Many Men Ignore!

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It is a widely known fact that most men go to the gym to pursue two main objectives – bigger pecs and massive biceps.  The problem with focussing too much on your upper body is that there is a big chance you will develop a disproportionate physique.  Your legs will totally not match the rest of your body.  Training your legs will result in better stability as well as better endurance, therefore, training your calves, quads, glutes and hamstrings is very beneficial.  On the other hand, there are far more exercises you can do than just squatting.


This exercise works the calves, quads and glutes.  It’s rather simple, as it can be performed even at home.  If you’re a novice then you won’t even need weights.  The initial position is with hip-width apart feet.  Take one big step forward with the right foot.  Upon landing, the knee of the right foot is to form a 90 degree angle and be positioned slightly behind the your right foot’s toes.  While taking this giant step, bring your left knee towards the ground.  That’s the end position.  From here, push yourself back to the initial position.  Once you’ve completed the sets for the right leg, proceed with the left one and repeat the aforementioned procedure.

 photo set60014-1_zps35a35565.jpg

Lunges being performed with dumb-bells.

2. Calf Raises

As the name suggests, this exercise works the calves and it can be performed with or without weights depending on how advanced you are.  As with the previous exercise, it can be performed at home.  Stand on a step of a staircase (or something else that is a couple of centimeters above the floor) with your heels hanging in the air.  This is your initial position.  From that point, simply raise yourself by pushing onto your toes.  Go as high as you can and then slowly return to the initial position. If you want to make it a bit harder on yourself grab two dumbbells to hold at your side.  Another variation of the calf raise is the donkey calf raise where you get a partner to sit on your back and perform the exercise this way.

 photo set70012.jpg

Machine Calf Raise.


A basic exercise equally as important as the benchpress and the squat.  The deadlift works not only the legs, but also the back and helps you boost your overall strength.  Start performing the exercise with fairly light weights until you have mastered the position and proper posture as performing the deadlift incorrectly might lead to some serious injuries, especially to your lower back.  Stand with feet positioned at shoulder-width, do not lock your knees.  Your hands should be positioned the same way as well, not locked at the elbows.  Lower yourself to the barbell and grab it.  For a better grip, one hand is to be with the palm down, while the other one should use a reverse grip.  Keep the back straight.  Slowly go up, lifting the weight and bringing it close to the ankles.  Use your buttocks and hamstrings to push while going up.

 photo set4001-1_zpsf6f4eafb.jpg

Barbell Deadlift

4.Bulgarian Squat.

This type of exercise resembles the lunges but the initial and end positions are different.  Stand in front of a chair or bench and put one foot on the bench/chair.  The other foot has to be about one and a half feet in front of the other.  From that point, slowly bring yourself down and forth. The knee of the leg that is on the bench goes down, almost touching the floor, while the other leg’s knee goes forth until it is a couple of inches in front of the toes.  Again, if you would like to up the intensity, perform the exercise with a barbell or dumbbells.

 photo set001_zps5d08f41a.jpg

Bulgarian Squat being performed with a barbell.

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