Glutamine… good or bad supplement?

Posted on May 13th, 2011 at 1:45 am by


Glutamine is a non essential amino acid which means the body naturally produces it but this is a supplement you may want to take provided that you are not getting enough.  One of the benefits of glutamine is the restoration of glycogen levels.  As discussed in a  previous post glycogen is essential to build muscle and without it your muscles will not grow.

Glutamine protects your muscles from muscle breakdown as well as contributes to the vasolidation of blood vessels for improved blood flow.  This will help to carry nutrients more effectively to your muscles so that they can grow.  Glutamine also boosts the immune system thereby deterring the onset of sickness and illnesses.  Weightlifting is a very stressful acKtivity and supplementing with glutamine is a great way to recover after a workout.

During a strenuous workout glutamine gets secreted into the bloodstream and excessive loss of glutamine could cause your muscle tissue to breakdown. Therefore, taking glutamine is beneficial since it prevents this from happening.

As with everything there is always side effects.  Although glutamine is produced naturally by the body you should not go above the recommended dosage.  The verdict?  Definately a good supplement to take to build muscle.

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