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Smoking is killing you although you might not feel the effects right now.   The label on every smoke pack says it all.  Smoking is the deadliest worldwide habit which manages to destroy your body’s cells at a rapid rate just for the momentary pleasure it gives you.  This activity is addictive, dangerous and unhealthy therefore you need to take measures to break the habit if you are addicted.  There are key steps you can take to quit smoking and this involves the knowledge of the harm you are doing to yourself.  Effective treatment methods like nicotine replacement therapy can help you overcome the stress of not smoking.

The sweetness of the smoke is no good reason for you to put literal filth into your internal organs, stain your blood, your muscles, damage your teeth and poison your lungs which is what happens with every single draw of smoke.  Is the sweetness of the smoke really worth it?  No, it’s that simple.  If you are addicted then dropping the habit will be very difficult but if you are smoking just one cigarette a day or let’s say one per several days all you need to do is to gradually reduce your dependence until you eventually quit.

The problem is that cigarettes are indeed very addictive and without some sort of therapy, unless you are among the five percent who actually stop without needing any professional help, you might not stop.  There are numerous treatment options available such as nicotine replacing stickers and you can also opt for prescription medicine to lessen the desire for nicotine.

Learning how to handle the stress of quitting is crucial and regardless of how addicted you are the stress will be very present.  A support system is therefore very important in additon to getting involved in a vigorous exercise routine to take your mind off of your addiction.  Exercise is something totally different from smoking and is exactly the difference you need to kick the unhealthy habit. 

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