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Prohormones, if used properly, can have many positive effects for building lean muscle and reducing body fat.  Certain compounds such as Halodrol, Epistane and Furazan have been proven to increase lean muscle mass while reducing fat.  Now it’s true that these products do build lean muscle but only when proper diet and nutrition are in place.  When it comes to building lean muscle and reducing  photo ID-100240598_zps5b21edaf.jpgfat nothing works better than food.  So in order to get the most of your cutting cycle I strongly recommend spending some time getting a good diet in place first.

When cutting, its best to eat several smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to eating a few larger meals.  Eating smaller meals more often will help to speed up the body’s metabolism helping to burn more fat throughout the day. Another important tip when it comes to building lean muscle is protein intake. Now I believe the best way to get the proper protein intake is by eating foods rich in protein.  I would try to limit protein shakes as much as possible and stick to meats such as chicken, fish and beef.  A good rule of thumb when building muscle is 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

Now let’s take a look at prohormones and which ones work best for increasing lean muscle mass. There are a ton of prohormones on the market today for cutting which can makes life confusing for the consumer.  One of the best compounds for building lean muscle mass is epistane.  You can use this compound by itself or stacked with another prohormone compound.  Epistane is a methylated compound which means it can be a little harsh on the liver, so the proper support supplements are recommended.  There are several good cycle supports on the market today that can help reduce unwanted side effects.  Being that epistane is a methylated compound, we recommend keeping cycle length under 6 weeks.  Here are a few good products that contain EPI: Xcel Sports Nutrition E-stane X and THP Sports Anabolic Shred.  Both of these products will work great during a cutting cycle to help build lean muscle and reduce fat.

As mentioned above, it’s always a good idea to use a cycle support when taking any advanced prohormones.  Users will also want to use a good post cycle supplement once their cycle is done. For cycle support I would recommend CTD Labs Liver Armor.  For PCT I would recommend Finaflex Black PCT, which will help to restore hormone levels back to normal after you’re cycle is complete.

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