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If you ever wanted to sculpt your body to the point that it spells raw power, then you should definitely try CrossFit.  A lot of exercises and methods of body-toning and body-building are either too crude, or too sophisticated, but CrossFit trainings are focused on all-around fitness, on making your body a versatile perfection.  This regimen is developed by Coach Greg Glassman, and with over several decades of devotion to fitness and  photo ID-100122631_zpstzjqfbep.jpgresearch behind him, he created something that’s meaningful as well as measurable.

So, the prescription to this particular method is performing a functional variety of movements that are constantly at high intensity, thus putting the accent on core strength and the whole conditioning program.  CrossFit, however, is not a specialized fitness program, its primary trait is that it optimizes and enhances physical capabilities/competence in many recognized physical domains such as cardio endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance and accuracy.  Athletes are practically trained to successfully perform at multiple, diverse and randomly set physical challenges.

This kind of fitness is usually demanded of military, police and firefighting personnel, and many sports implement this training regime in their arena.  One of the best things about CrossFit is that it is suitable for all ages, no one is exempt.  A healthy body that can endure and grow is a perfect candidate for this type of athleticism.  To some people this is even a lifestyle, it’s like a community that spontaneously arises.  Philosophy aside, it’s all about maximizing your response, developing power, training, practising functional movements, adapting to multiple training models and developing a successful diet plan along the way.

Now, once again, CrossFit is for everyone!  Parents, students, teenagers, youth, professional athletes, amateurs, elite sportsmen… there are no restrictions. Everyone is competing at the highest level of dedication and this method can have the same effect even on the pathological, overweight, elderly, or the sedentary.  So if you yourself want to start exercising in this manner, you just have to find the right gear and equipment to get your body working…

CrossFit may be a bit robust when it comes to supplying yourself with proper gear, and that’s primarily because it doesn’t need any special gadgetry and machines, it’s all about lifting weights or using your own body as a one.  All you need are bars, bumpers, rings, medicine balls, ab-mats, jump ropes, kettlebells, squat stands, rocktapes, pull-up rings, rowers and other accessories.  Use your tools well, and you’ll be well on your way to looking stout, fit and ready.

Finally, nothing can stop you from going to the gym, but CrossFit method is somewhat different from regular exercising and nourishing your body.  There is a certain hierarchy of effort and concern that builds and develops.  Diet lays the molecular foundation for fitness and health; metabolism builds the capacity in aerobic, lactic acid and phosphocreatine pathways; gymnastics prep your body for control and range of motion; weightlifting and weight-throwing produces power, and finally sport is where the action happens to demonstrate your physical and mental accomplishments.

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