Gain Weight – The Vegetarian Way

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You might think you are at a disadvantage being a vegetarian and wanting to gain weight.  Actually you are not.


Although you will not have access to animal rich sources of protein you have a wide array of dairy products from you can obtain your protein. Protein is necessary to build muscle and you can get it from dairy products such as milk, cheese and eggs etc.  These are excellent sources of protein.

If you are a Vegan however you would have to stay away from even dairy products. You therefore need to know how to combine nuts, grains and legumes to give you a complete protein. You can learn more about this by cicking here.

Unsaturated fats

Nuts and seeds are great sources of unsaturated fats which is necessary to gain weight.  This type of fat is healthy and you are recommeded to have a 15-20% portion of this in your diet.  Peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, chestnuts, sunflower seeds and cashews will add lots of healthy calories to your diet.

Starchy Vegetables and Dried Fruit

Starchy vegetables are great sources of carbohydrates.  Have a lot of Starchy vegetables such as pumpkin, plantain, green peas and potatos. These are high in carbohydrates which will give you lots of energy for your workouts.  Dried fruit are also high in calories and can be obtained from sources such as bananas and raisins.

Vegetable soups and Stews

Vegetable soups and stews are great ways of obtaining lots of healthy calories.  Lentil soup is very high in calories even more than chicken soup.  On top of that, Lentil soup has tons of vitamins and minerals which will facilitate muscle growth.  You may also try black bean soup, vegetable stew, and tomato stew.

In conclusion being a vegetarian is actually the best way to gain weight.  You will most likely put on leaner muscle this way.

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