Foods That Help You Lose Weight And Stay Healthy!

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Most people think that they have to severely restrict what they need in order to lose weight.  This is false.  Losing weight is not about starving yourself.  Starving yourself is not healthy and will not lead to weight loss in the long term.  In order to lose weight and stay fit, you have to eat the right foods and give your body the correct nutrients it needs to function properly.  There are good-tasting and healthy food products that will help you lose unwanted weight fast.  Here’s how to make simple changes to your eating habits to achieve physical fitness and optimal health.

Green Leafy Vegetables

These are great for losing weight.  A salad of green vegetables seem to be a staple food for people who want to lose weight.  Salads of crunchy, raw vegetables fill you up.  Raw vegetables take time to digest, making you feel full for a longer period of time.  They are also low in calories, so they are great for dieters.  Green leafy vegetables are good for a healthy body and can be consumed daily for weight loss.  Add in broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and other vegetables.


For more energy and to feel full for longer, add protein foods to your daily diet.  Some people think that they need to cut back on their protein intake to to lose weight, but when you don’t get adequate protein, your body starts to eat away at your muscles and body tissues to get the protein it lacks. Good sources of protein include salmon, lean meat, chicken, nuts and legumes like black beans and garbanzo beans.  Eggs are also great because they are high in protein and contain relatively few calories.  The protein boost you get from eggs will keep you full so that you eat less food later on in the day.  Eggs are delicious, easy to make, and are generally recommended as a good source of protein that may help in weight loss.  Avoid add-ons like bacon, cheese, and the other fattening foods.


Foods that are high in fiber are filling and can help you lose weight.  It takes the body a long time to digest fiber.  By staying in your system for a good amount of time, it will make you feel full.  Eat a high-fiber cereal such as shredded wheat or bran, so that you don’t feel starved by lunch time.  You can choose versions of your favorite foods that are rich in fiber.  There are various high-fiber nutrition bars and breads.  You can even drink your fiber by making instant fiber-packed drinks using fiber powder and water.

Fat and Calories

Read nutrition labels to know the fat and calorie content of the foods you choose.  You should aim to consume low calorie and low fat foods in order to lose weight.  Keep in mind that the body needs some fat and calories to function properly.  A qualified health care professional can help you determine the proper amount for you.


Eating healthy can help you lose weight.  Many overweight people find it difficult to lose weight because they indulge too much in greasy and sugary foods.  It is important to exercise often as it helps rev up your metabolism and burn calories more effectively.  Exercises such as swimming, jogging or walking can increase your metabolism.  When you increase your metabolism, your body can burn calories more effectively.  If you eat healthy and exercise, you will find that it is not hard to lose weight.

About the Author

Today’s post was provided by Brian S., blogger for New Urban Farms.  Brian is a Rollins College graduate who lives in Orlando, Florida.  He has been in creative writing for over two years.


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