Fitness Machines: The Ultimate Shortcut to Your Dream Body

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Have you been following a good workout program but are still not seeing the results you want?  Well, assuming you’re already eating a healthy nutrient-rich diet and getting enough rest in between training sessions, then it’s probably your lifting form that’s holding you back.  You see, poor form not only keeps you from properly targeting the muscles that you are supposed to be working out, it also puts you at risk of getting injured.

Enter: fitness machines

Sure, they may not be the best way to get stronger.  In fact, a study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website explicitly says that free weights are better than fitness machines when it comes to developing strength and balance.  However, if you’re just starting out, nothing teaches you proper form better and faster than machines because they literally guide you throughout each movement.  They also allow you to bail out much more safely in case of unexpected muscular failure.

Machines for cardio

Are cardiovascular exercises really important when lifting weights already gets you out of breath?  Well, the experts at Cleveland Clinic seem to think so.  They say that aside from helping you become more fit, regular cardio also brings lots of health benefits to the table.  Fortunately, heart-friendly activities like running and biking are fun except when it’s too hot or snowing outside.  This is where cardio machines come in.  They allow you to get your cardio fix regardless of the weather conditions.  This means you’ll have fewer excuses to miss your workouts, which, in turn, should make you progress even faster.

Passive exercise machines

A fairly new addition to the world of fitness equipment, these machines, as the name implies, allow you to get a good workout without having to actively do anything.

A good example would be vibration machines that use the whole body; this workout helps you burn fat, build muscle, improve your balance, boost your metabolism and even strengthen your bones simply by standing on a vibrating platform; but that’s not all.  Experts say they can also help you recover much more quickly from your workouts, ultimately allowing you to go back to the gym sooner.

Long story short, passive exercise machines are a great addition to your workout gear because they allow you to get a workout in even when you’re not in the mood, tired or busy with other things.

Choosing a fitness machine

Your decision would ultimately depend on your goals and specific needs.  If you want a full-body workout but have limited space, for instance, then multi-gyms or all-in-one machines are your best bet.  Have a bad knee?  Then you’re better off buying a stationary bike than a treadmill.  Finally, for passive exercises, you really can’t go wrong with whole body vibration machines because they pack a whole lot of benefits in such a small package.

Photo by Martine Jacobsen on Unsplash

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