Easy Way to Calculate your Body Fat Percentage!

Posted on January 5th, 2010 at 12:00 pm by


Body Fat Percentage is said to be the best measure of a person’s health. It is even claimed to be more effective than Body Mass Index (BMI).  Women, you need to know your waist, hip, forearm, and wrist measurements along with your weight for this calculation. For guys it is a bit simpler. You only need your waist measurement along with your weight: Visit www.fitwatch.com for a free body fat percentage calculation. Click here to go to site.

Too much body fat is bad, however, so is too little body fat. Body Fat is important for the functioning of vital organs in the body such as the liver and heart. It also serves to protect those internal organs.  Thus, fat is important.  Ectomorphs generally have low body fat.

Body fat percentages under 3% in men and anywhere under 12% in women is unhealthy. Ectomorphs are generally a bit above that range and that is okay. Thus the majority of you ectomorphs are in fact healthy. Congratulations!

Women tend to have more body fat than men. More body fat is necessary in a woman to facilitate hormonal activity and childbearing. Women suffering from anorexia might have a body fat percentage of a single digit figure! This is dangerous and completely unhealthy!

The table below shows the recommended body fat percentages for males and females.



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