Do You Know Your Cardiorespiratory Fitness Level?

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Cardiorespiratory Fitness can be defined as the ability of your body to transport oxygen to your muscles as well as the ability of your muscles to make proper use of that oxygen.  Improved levels of cardiorespiratory fitness will have a positive impact on your overall health.  Overweight persons, diabetics, persons suffering from hypertension, heart disease or high cholesterol will benefit greatly from improving their cardiorespiratory fitness.

Examples of Cardiorespiratory Exercises

Carediorespiratory exercises can range from walking, jogging, cycling or any activity that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up for a prolonged period of time.  There are so many benefits to be obtained from cardiorespiratory exercises especially in the expelling of waste material from the sweat and heat that your body produces.  The benefits are downright miraculous and continued performance will result in improved circulation of blood which will lessen your chance of developing strokes or suffering from heart attacks .

Being “too busy” is no excuse

In a society where physical actitivity is discouraged and persons spend long periods of

time seated in their car or working around a desk it is important that we take steps to be physically active by including cardio into our day.

For those who have hectic schedules then planning a few minutes to get active by walking a few minutes throughout the day is just as good as completing a full workout.  Therefore, you can plan six intervals of five minute cardio exercises throughout the day if you cannot complete a full 30 minute session in one go.  Also, simple things like walking down the street to the supermarket instead of driving or taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work can go a long way towards lowering your risk of developing a stroke.

Inactivity is responsible for many deaths every year.  According to the World Health Organization obesity is the fifth biggest killer in the world today!  Can you believe that?  The more we come to realize that our health is our greatest asset then the better things will be for us.  It makes no sense to overwork ourselves for sucess if we won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of our labour.


So get active!  Find some way of including cardiorespiratory exercises into your lifestyle.  You will experience improvement in your mood, better health and lesenning of any medical condition you may be currently suffering from.  If you are not accustomed to long periods of cardio then start small and work yourself up.  You might find that you are unable to run for more than five minutes without gasping for breath but if you take things at a gradual pace you’ll eventually be able to work yourself up to a point where you can run for thirty minutes without any pain or discomfort.  Then, you’ll be happy as you will be a much healthier person.

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