Dealing with Setbacks

Posted on June 6th, 2010 at 6:57 am by


Be easy on yourself.  You might not get the results you want in your weight gain regime as quickly as you would like, due to anything from work, home or school related problems that might temporarily prevent you from attaining your desired goal.  However, if you look at these setbacks as stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks, it will go a far way in keeping your progress in perspective.

Say your ultimate goal is to gain 30 pounds over a specified period, and you end up gaining 5 or 10 pounds instead.   You might get discouraged.   This is an extremely testing time.  Many people give up at this point. 

Do not give up.  This could be a time to reflect upon what you have done so far.  Be fair to yourself.  Congratulate yourself on what you have achieved.  Revise areas where you could have improved whether it is your workout regime or your eating schedule and diet.   The world is not going anywhere.  You can easily pick up from where you left off in your quest to gain weight.  You might gain 10 pounds in the first year,  5 in the second year and 5 in the third.  The cumulative effect would be gaining 20 pounds in 3 years.

Sometimes we just have to be patient.  In this day and age quick fixes are glorified.  Everyone wants an easy way of solving their problems through artificial means without going through the rigour and struggle of doing things the natural and proper way.  Don’t be a cheat. 

As they say, Patience is a Virtue.

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