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Boxing Workout Routine to Build Muscle!

January 28, 2013


Building a defined chest line and large muscles is the dream of every man.  If you want to tone up and build some attractive muscles then you can opt for a boxing workout routine.  A simple and not so hard … Read More

Classic Arms from Robby Robinson!

January 8, 2013


Robby Robinson was a legend in his day. Along with an incredibly ripped and complete physique, the man sported an incredible set of arms.  Thick, peaked biceps combined with powerful forearms and well-rounded triceps to create some of the … Read More

How to Increase Muscle Mass with Strength Training Exercises!

December 16, 2012


You can start strength training exercises once you have been given the go ahead from your doctor.  Strength training exercises are done to keep body weight under control or build muscle.  People can start this exercise program at any … Read More

How To Build A Muscular Back!

November 7, 2012


Many persons do not give as much attention to building their back as they do for their chest (Killer Chest Workout Routine) and shoulders (The Secret To Achieving Great Looking Shoulders) and this is unfortunate because … Read More

The Secret to Achieving Great Looking Shoulders!

October 18, 2012


Well developed shoulders are paramount in achieving an impressive physique.  It is one of the most visible muscles of the human body and full development is highly sought after by most wanting to build muscle.  For you to realize the … Read More

Circuit Workout to Shake Up Your Weight Training Routine!

October 11, 2012


Crcuit workouts are a great way to shake up your weight training routine.  Hardgainers wanting to build muscle mass should incorporate circuit training into their workouts every few weeks.  It’s a great way to give your muscles a shock and … Read More

Extreme Leg Blasting Workout Routine!

September 19, 2012


I used to hate working out my legs until I realized the extreme muscle building benefits of leg exercise.  If you really want to build muscle fast you need to work out your legs because the largest muscles in the … Read More

3 Day Split Dumbbell Workout to Build Muscle!

September 6, 2012


So you have access to some dumbbells and want to know how to get in shape with them.  The good news is that dumbbells are the best way to build muscle.  Dumbbells offer you such wide ranging movements that there … Read More

How to get Sleeve Busting Arms!

August 27, 2012


Your arms muscles are among the smallest muscles in your body but they always seem to get so much of the attention.  The two muscle groups that comprise the arms are the biceps and the triceps.  Most people overtrain their … Read More

Killer Chest Workout Routine!

August 17, 2012


This workout has been specifically designed to build more muscle mass in your chest.  The four chest exercises you will be performing are the barbell bench press, incline dumbell bench press, the dumbell pullover and the incline dumbbell flys.  This … Read More