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The Casein vs Whey Debate! Which Will Give You A Better Physique?

September 1, 2012


Casein and whey are the two constitutents of milk (Milk, possibly the fastest way to build muscle) which is made up of 80% casein and 20% whey.  Whey is a by product of the manufacture of cheese and … Read More

Nitrogen Balance and Building Muscle!

August 22, 2012


What is the Nitrogen Balance? Nitrogen Balance refers to the state of nitrogen present within the body and is calculated by subtracting the quantity of nitrogen ingested from the quantity of nitrogen that is excreted.  Sufficient levels of nitrogen in … Read More

Sample Hardgainer Meal Plan for Huge Muscle Growth!

August 12, 2012


Meal planning is an important aspect to a hardgainer’s attempt to build muscle.  If you do not eat right then no matter how hard and consistently you work out you will not be successful.  As much effort needs to go … Read More

Milk, possibly the fastest way to build muscle!

July 25, 2012


MILK IS A LIQUEFIED MEAL Instead of wasting your money on expensive supplements it would be wise to take advantage of the tremendous muscle building benefits of milk.  Milk is practically a liquefied meal since one cup provides 9 grams … Read More

Blueberries, are they the perfect post exercise food?

June 6, 2012


New research seems to indicate that consuming blueberries can increase the rate of recovery of muscle tissue after exercise.  The research is in it’s beginning stages but it is assumed that the anthocyanin (pigment) present in blueberries is responsible for … Read More

How the Paleo Diet Can Get You Lean!

May 30, 2012


WHAT IS THE PALEO DIET? The Paleo Diet advocates for us to get back to eating like our cavemen ancestors did in the Paleolithic era which is pre agrarian times.  This is in contrast to the Neolithic era when man … Read More

A Gluten Free Pizza for Choosy Kids!

April 14, 2012


A Gluten Free Pizza for Choosy Kids! Its quite difficult to make kids eat especially if they are gluten intolerant. This is a major cause of concern among parents who have gluten intolerant kids at home. The Gluten free regime … Read More

Should you throw away your microwave?

February 21, 2012


Microwaves were created in the 1970s by the Nazis when they invaded Russia and since then microwaves have come a long way to the model we have today.  Nevertheless, there has been persistent controversy surrounding the safety of microwaves. The … Read More

2 Secrets To Curing Your Sweet Tooth!

December 9, 2011


Let’s face it, from time to time we crave for foods that clearly are not good for us – high sugar or fatty foods that will elevate our cholesterol and bloodpressure level or give us a temporary surge before a … Read More

The Lowdown On Fats! Is it all bad?

October 25, 2011


You have probably heard a lot of bad things about fats; what you have been told might not be entirely correct.  Fats can be classified into good and bad.  Of course, the more good fats you have in your diet … Read More