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The Role Of Amino Acids In Your Training!

September 7, 2013


What are amino acids? Amino acids are chemical structural units which form proteins.  Every living organism is made up of proteins and they plays a role in all our body’s processes.  Proteins play an extremely important role in our … Read More

5 Awesome Pre-Workout Snacks!

August 18, 2013


Although eating a snack after you work out is important, did you know it’s also important to eat something before you work out?  The right foods will fuel your body and ensure that you have enough energy to get through … Read More

Six Healthy Reasons to Enjoy Quince!

August 13, 2013


Apart from the fresh zesty flavour of quince, there are common sense health reasons for enjoying this often forgotten fruit which is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.  Whilst it is possible to eat quince raw, the true magnificence of … Read More

Biltong And Droewors, Great Foods For Athletes!

July 15, 2013


Whether you are out running in freezing conditions at 5 am every morning, or sweating it out in an air conditioned gym after work, you know the importance of energy foods and healthy snacking.  A healthy, tasty, proteinRead More

World’s Best Protein Sources!

July 7, 2013


Have you ever wondered why vegetarians have those scrawny, scare-crow like bodies while meat-eaters tend to have more meat on their bones?  The explanation is fairly simple, although it would take some time explaining the fundamentals of being a self-respecting … Read More

Eating Healthy On-The-Go!

July 6, 2013


Starving with no time to prepare food?  This usually means grabbing some fast food, but that does not have to be the case.  With a little more preparation, you can cut back on your unhealthy eating habits and incorporate some … Read More

Major Pre-Workout Nutrition Elements And The Right Time For Their Consumption!

June 29, 2013


Before performing any sport, athletes should prepare themselves.  This preparation may come in the form of warming up, stretching and calming the mind.  The most important form of preparation is the consumption of the right foods, to provide the … Read More

My Favorite Ways To Use Protein Powder!

June 14, 2013


After realizing that my workouts had become too routine, I decided to change things up.  My gym buddy and I started a new workout program that primarily focuses on building more muscle.  In addition to starting the new workout … Read More

9 Must-Avoid Unhealthy Foods!

June 7, 2013


The following are nine (9) must-avoid foods because of the havoc it will wreak on your body. Canned Foods. Aside from the fact that these foods are not fresh, a major issue with canned goods is that the epoxy linings … Read More

Diet But Don’t Starve! The Foods You Shouldn’t Avoid!

May 28, 2013


At the beginning of summer when we are going to wear less clothes, most of us are quick to put ourselves on a diet.  Pressured by the time, we try to rush the whole get into shape thing by … Read More