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Six Health Reasons to Start Cycling!

September 26, 2013


Today’s sedentary lifestyle and fast food culture has taken a toll on our health.  Apart from a healthy diet, regular exercise is a must for staying healthy and fit.  One of the easiest and simplest ways to add years … Read More

Health Tips for Men!

September 23, 2013


Years before Michael Jackson’s death graced the headlines, news of his obsession over immortality went viral.  It has been reported that Michael Jackson or MJ spent a great deal of his fortune sponsoring research on immortality.  Apparently, MJ was so … Read More

Gym Bag Essentials!

September 22, 2013


The sportsbag below belongs to the UK’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall.  It looks like you’d expect: rough, ready, and used; well, what else would you expect from the 6’ 3” 25 stone Mohican from Stoke? If you go to … Read More

Top Four Most Dangerous Sports In The World!

September 11, 2013


Sport is usually associated with being good for your health; it keeps your body moving, your heart pumping, and reduces your chances of developing a chronic illness.  There are certain sports out there which come with a very high risk … Read More

The Role Of Amino Acids In Your Training!

September 7, 2013


What are amino acids? Amino acids are chemical structural units which form proteins.  Every living organism is made up of proteins and they plays a role in all our body’s processes.  Proteins play an extremely important role in our … Read More

The Hidden Dangers Of The Gym!

September 1, 2013


It is universally accepted that getting fit is something to be applauded, nevertheless, there are hidden dangers lurking in the classes, machines, and exercises, which could leave you with a nasty injury. Here is a guide on how … Read More

The History of Dumbbells!

August 28, 2013


The dumbbell originated in it’s most basic form in ancient Greece.  These weights were called halteres. They were used as lifting weights but also in their long jump.  They were usually large and made of stone and had a hole … Read More

Tips on Looking Good While Working Out!

August 27, 2013


Style should never be a foregone issue for those who are working on their way to fitness.  Aside from the numerous health benefits of working out, we cannot deny the fact that one of our major reasons for working … Read More

Effective Ways to Relieve Restless Leg Syndrome!

August 9, 2013


The urge to constantly move your legs to thwart painful and uncomfortable sensations when you’re about to go to sleep is an indication of a neurological disorder known as the Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), sometimes referred to as the Willis-Ekbom Read More

Equipment for Cardio Workout at Home!

August 4, 2013


After a period of bulking comes the phase at which you work on increasing muscle definition.  Even if you have a good amount muscle, they won’t be very visible if your body fat percentage is too high. This is why … Read More